What Happened To Uncle Si Health In 2022: What Complications Did Si Robertson From Duck Dynasty Face In His Lung Surgery?

After a year and a half of health problems, Uncle Si Robertson was getting ready for lung surgery. The 74-year-old claims he will soon be able to talk everyone’s ear off again after undergoing the surgery, and he seemed extremely enthusiastic about it. Let’s dig deep into Uncle Si Health.

Si Robertson has blamed his smoking habit for his poor lung health and breathing problems on multiple episodes of the Duck Call Room podcast. He also suffers from COPD, so hearing that he had COVID-19 in early 2021 was cause for serious alarm. Later, he acknowledged that he was afraid he wouldn’t survive COVID, and his loved ones and podcast co-hosts said he didn’t do enough to help himself.

In “Uncle Si’s COVID-19 Story,” the four guys recall how Si was at first hesitant to go to the hospital, and then, after being sent home many days later, he was adamantly opposed to taking his medication. He finally gave in and started feeling better. Back in May of that year (2022), he gave some background on why he was in need of lung surgery.

Who Is Uncle Si Robertson?

American duck hunter and reality TV star Si Robertson is worth an estimated $8 million. Robertson was the main character in the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty,” which aired from 2012 to 2017.

Over the course of the show’s eleven seasons, Si made 129 appearances, and in 2013, he released the book “Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle.” He followed up his breakthrough with “Uncle Si the Christmas Elf: Work Hard, Nap Hard” in 2014 and “Si-renity: How I Stay Calm and Keep the Faith” in 2016. Together, they have sold over a million copies.

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Not only did Robertson star in the reality TV series “Duck Commander,” but he also starred in and served as executive producer for the spin-off series “Going Si-Ral” (2016-2017). (2009–2011). We will dig deep into Uncle Si Health in this article.

He has participated in the films “Faith of Our Fathers” (2015) and “Last Man Standing” (2013), and his album “Me and My Smokin’ Hot Honey” was released in 2014. Thanks to “Duck Dynasty,” Si was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star in 2013.

When Robertson left the Army, he went to work for Phil at his Duck Commander company, where he designed reeds for all of the duck calls. The Robertsons were given their own series on A&E in 2012. First airing on March 21, 2012, the first season of “Duck Dynasty” attracted an average of 1.82 million viewers for each episode. Let’s dig deep into Uncle Si Health.

What Happened To Uncle Si Health?

Before undergoing what is being dubbed a life-saving lung surgery in June, Si Robertson informed Duck Dynasty viewers of his impending health crisis. The 74-year-old man claimed that he had terrible habits, including heavy smoking, which had severely damaged his lungs. Then he learned he had COVID-19 and panicked that he would die from it.

Si said at the time that he wasn’t having trouble breathing. He complained that his lungs weren’t functioning normally, making it difficult for him to exhale. Because of this, he needed surgery to have a gadget implanted in his lungs to make them work properly. There is a 95% chance he will be back soon to talk everyone’s ear off, he claimed, once the surgery was authorized.

At long last, in September, Si underwent surgery, and he returned to the Duck Dynasty set to report on his recovery. So what is Uncle Si Health update now? Si said, “The doc says the surgery went excellent. ” on Instagram. Let’s get back to work, Jack! Appreciate the thoughts and prayers. For us, this means everything. He even threw in a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed.

Si assured his listeners that he would resume the program soon. Justin Martin, his podcasting co-host, chimed in as well. Come on back!” he penned. Listen to these podcasts while we get to work! God bless you, old man. That’s how much we care about you! It appears like Uncle Si is doing well, and fans are eager for more of him to appear.

Uncle Si Has His Share Of Health Issues, To Say The Least

Over the years, Uncle Si experienced a wide range of health problems. The TV star has blamed his smoking for the health problems in the lungs in multiple editions of the Duck Call Room podcast. Having COPD on top of fighting off COVID-19 last year was terrifying for him; he admitted he was worried he wouldn’t survive.

Uncle Si has been having trouble breathing, so in June he shared the news that he had been given permission to have lung surgery. While his lungs act normally during inhalation, one of them struggles during exhalation. The only way for him to breathe properly is to have surgery in which a gadget is implanted into his unhealthy lung.

We’re relieved to hear that the operation went well. All of us are anxiously anticipating Uncle Si’s recovery. We pray that each passing day will hasten his recovery.

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