Unemployment Rates Creep Up Across Southern California

In June, Southern California’s unemployment rate increased due to rising costs for employers.

Data issued by the California Employment Development Department on Friday, July 22 show that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Los Angeles County jumped to 5.3% in June from a corrected 5.2% in May.

The 5.3 percent rate was substantially below the 9.7 percent rate in June 2021.

In Orange County, where seasonally adjusted numbers were not available, the June unemployment rate was 2.9 percent, up from 2.4 percent in May.

While it was up from 4.2 percent in May, the seasonally adjusted state unemployment rate in June was below the 7.9 percent level seen in June 2021 at 4.2 percent state-wide, Last year’s equivalent forecasts for the entire country were 3.6 percent in June, and 3.6 percent in May.

It is important not to read too much into one month, according to Taner Osman, research manager at Beacon Economics and the Center for Economic Forecasting. “We shouldn’t overinterpret a decline in one month after an amazing start to the year,” he said. “Still, California’s tight labor market has not lightened up and will continue to operate as a brake on job growth.”

Over 4.5 million people were employed in nonfarm jobs in Los Angeles County between May and June, according to the Employment Development Department (EDD).

The most job growth was seen in the leisure and hospitality industry, which saw 5,200 new positions added.

In the Inland Empire, increases in some areas of the regional economy were countered by losses in others, sending Riverside County’s unemployment rate back up to 4 percent last month.

The jobless rate was 4 percent for both Riverside and San Bernardino counties, compared with 3.4 percent in May.

According to estimates, the June rate was over 4 percentage points lower than the year-ago level, when countywide unemployment remained at 8.4 percent, as the statewide coronavirus public health lockdowns were gradually removed.

EDD estimates that 43,500 county people were unemployed in June, while 1,101,000 were in jobs during the same period as well.

Coachella had the highest unemployment rate countywide last month at 8.8 percent, followed by Cherry Valley at 7.4 percent, Mecca at 6.4 percent, Rancho Mirage at 6 percent, and Hemet at 5.6 percent.

Bi-county data suggested payrolls rose by the biggest margins in retail trade, warehousing, and professional business services, which altogether gained 6,000 positions in June.

In June, the agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining industries added 3,400 jobs, according to the Employment Development Department (EDD).

The loss of 1,600 jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry was the largest in terms of payroll declines. The public sector and several unclassified businesses also saw declines, with a combined loss of 1,400 workers.

The construction, financial services, and information technology sectors were unchanged.

In June, the non-seasonally adjusted statewide unemployment rate was 4 percent, the same as in the Inland Empire.

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