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Unveiling the Ordinary Life of Accused Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Rex Heuermann

Unveiling the Ordinary Life of Accused Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Rex Heuermann

Locals on Long Island told The Post on Friday that accused serial killer Rex Heuermann lived quietly and unassumingly, which made him blend in despite being perceived as “weird” by some. The 59-year-old married father of two was described as leading a boring existence by the staff at the stores and restaurants he frequented in Massapequa Park.

He was frequently seen strolling the area alone and may come across as courteous but weird. Someone who used to work behind the deli counter claimed, “I served him for 20 years,” but they preferred anonymity. “[He was] the same as always — weird,” she stated, declining to elaborate.

Barber Jack Lak on Park Boulevard claims Manhattan architect Heuermann visited his shop at least once every three to four months for the better part of two decades. He was quiet, sat in the same chair every time, and left a fair tip, according to Lak, 40.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“He’d just sit quietly and wait for his turn. He never talked to anybody,” Lak said. “He paid $10 or $15. He was an average tipper. He always paid in cash. He would say thank you after he paid.” According to Lak, the alleged murderer seemed like a nice enough guy, and he was shocked to find that Heuermann had been charged with the murders of three women just last week.

To put it bluntly, “it was shocking,” he remarked. He looks to be a normal guy. That’s the kind of crazy idea no one would ever have. Six months ago, Heuermann approached Infinity Records on Park Boulevard to sell CDs, but was politely rejected, according to an employee who only gave his first name, Corey.

Never once did I see him with a woman. The 33-year-old worker claimed he frequently spotted Heuermann about town but that Heuermann was always by himself. According to the New York Times, employees at the IGA supermarket where Heuermann’s wife and children shopped reported the accused killer was never present.

Current events in the United States are discussed in greater detail in the following article from the California Examiner:

According to the publication, they were described as a “joyless family” that shopped multiple times a week using food stamps. Asa Ellerup, Heuermann’s 59-year-old wife, frequently appeared sad, according to Mery Salmeri, the store manager.

“Maybe his family was just so scared of him that they were like his prisoners who would never tell anyone, even if they had some idea of what he was capable of,” she told the paper.

On Wednesday, less than a week after Heuermann was charged with murdering Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello, Ellerup filed for divorce from him. Maureen Brainard-Barnes, a fourth lady, is also considered a “prime suspect” because of Heuermann, according to the investigators.

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