Upload Season 3 Release Date Status: Was Upload Cancelled?

In the first two seasons, we see all the crazy things Nathan does in his new world while also trying to keep his relationship with his girlfriend going in the real world. The upload goes from being a simple 30-minute comedy to a look at how a digital afterlife would affect our society and how it would lead to a whole new industry because of corporate greed, microtransactions, voting rights, and even cloning. It’s like someone put Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg and The Island by Michael Bay in a blender.

But has Upload been picked up for a third season after two? What will happen to the body of Nathan’s clone? Will Nathan’s mother send all of her children into the Freeyond? Will Nora and Nathan, who both work in customer service, work together? Here’s what we know about when will Upload season 3 come out.

Upload Season 3 Plot

The second season of Upload concludes with a number of surprising revelations, and Nathan’s (after)life appears to be about to get much more complicated in the third. Nathan is able to transfer his consciousness into a body that Ingrid has grown for him, but their relationship ends when he learns that Ingrid has been wearing a “hug” suit to fool him into thinking she is in Lakeview.

The second season finale does feature Nathan’s new body beginning to bleed from the nose. His physical body may well perish during the third season, but things will really get sticky from here on out.

Nathan took the plunge with Nora and they had a date on the Los Angeles hyperloop. Naughty. On the other hand, Ingrid is apparently expanding another clone of Nathan so that she can have a child with him, which is horribly immoral.

On the other hand! Whoa, there’s a second Nathan! In season 3, Nathan could potentially exist in three separate iterations because Tinsley, the intern, saves a backup copy of his mind when she thinks he’s been wiped. True, because there will be no difficulty in doing so.

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Upload Season 3 Expected Cast

Upload Season 3 Cast

You can count on seeing all three of Upload’s main characters return.

Robbie Amell stars as IT whiz-turned-dead-guy Nathan, who is (sort of) returned from the dead and adjusting to life in the real world.

And then there’s the girl he’s crushing on. The virtual reality worker Nora (Andy Allo), on her father’s recommendation, joins the anti-technology movement The Ludds. But she’s a natural leader and has quickly risen through the ranks of the anarchists.

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), Nathan’s ex-girlfriend, is also not finished and will go to any extent to keep him around. She spent most of season two in dive gear and snorkel mask in the bathtub, pretending to upload into the virtual Lakeview reality so that she could be close to him and thus able to legally reside there.

When we go back to Lakeview, we’ll probably get to see more of Kevin Bigley, who plays Nathan’s “best friend” Luke, and Owen Daniels, who plays the long-standing AI Guy whose face is virtually everywhere in the system.

A return from Aleesha (Zainab Johnson), Nora’s best friend and coworker in the upload angel industry, is also possible.

Upload Season 3 Release Date Speculation

There is no confirmed release date for Season 3 of Upload as of August 2022, however, it is expected to air in the first quarter of 2023. The streaming service officially announced the show’s return for a third season in May 2022. Amazon’s head of worldwide TV, Vernon Sanders, released a statement confirming the announcement and describing the show as a “bonafide hit.”

The show “continues to link and provoke countless possibilities for the future of technology and humans,” he said. Greg’s unique comic perspective, combined with the outstanding creative team and actors, has produced an internationally relevant series that we are all very excited to bring back for our viewers for a second season.

With Amazon having only recently confirmed that the third season of Upload is in production, the show’s premiere date is still up in the air. It won’t hit the streamer until at least the first quarter of 2023, and that’s assuming they start filming right now. Unfortunately, it will be some time before we see Nathan again, but he is coming back.

In addition, Greg Daniels shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, adding, “I’m eager to continue the narrative of Nathan and Nora and the other residents of Lakeview and near-future America as they strive to have fun and do the right thing in both the real and virtual worlds.” It will be entertaining to observe the societal criticism he makes in the next set of episodes from a humorous perspective.

Upload Season 3 Trailer

Even though Amazon has just confirmed the program will return for a third season, the teaser for Season 3 has not yet been released.

No one has even begun shooting yet! Depending on the show’s release date, it could be months before viewers get a sneak peek at the following set of episodes.

Amazon Prime subscribers will soon be able to see the newest season of Upload. If you’re interested in catching up on the first two seasons, you can sign up for a Prime Video subscription right here.

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