US Citizen Suspected of Killing Ex-girlfriend With Sword

Despite earlier reports that the guy accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend with a sword in California was only in the country illegally, Fox News has learned that he is indeed a citizen of the United States.

KGO-TV reported that Jose Solano Landaeta has been charged with the murder of Karina Castro, who was reportedly killed last Thursday in the street in front of her home in Northern California.

In response to the Santa Monica Observer’s claim, ICE informed Fox News, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has no engagement with this individual.”

On Thursday, an officer said that police came to the scene within minutes and discovered a dead woman in the roadway. “Soon after they began processing the area, the male suspect returned and was immediately apprehended by law enforcement. A short time later, he was arrested on murder charges.”

Landaeta’s family claimed she had a restraining order against Castro earlier this year, but she still saw him despite their claims that she had a history of violence toward him.

Castro’s daughter, who is now one year old, was born to Landeata. The girl and her younger sister, who is 7, were at home on Thursday, the day of the suspected murder, but they did not see anything. After their mother passed away, Child Protective Services took custody of them.

On Monday, Landaeta was arraigned for a murder accusation that carries a mandatory life sentence. After hearing from his attorney that Landaeta was not mentally competent to be prosecuted, the court reportedly ordered an evaluation, as reported by local Fox affiliate KTVU.
According to the station’s report, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe stated, “It is better to get this taken care of now than to do it in two years when we are almost ready to start a trial.” If he is judged incompetent to stand trial, the criminal proceedings must be postponed until his capacity is restored, if ever.