Us Forces Kill Islamic State Somalia Leader

After US special forces assaulted a remote mountainside cave complex in an effort to seize him, he was slain.

According to Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, “Al-Sudani was accountable for promoting the expanding presence of ISIS in Africa.”

Mr. Austin stated that he is also accused of funding the group’s operations around the world.

Analysts claim that Sudani’s importance can be inferred from the fact that US troops were dispatched to kill or arrest him rather than carrying out a less dangerous drone operation.

According to reports, the Islamic State organisation has recently increased its operations in a number of African nations, including Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Although it controls several southern areas, the al-Qaeda-linked force al-Shabab is significantly more prevalent in Somalia than the Islamic State, which is a very minor organisation.

Sudani is said to have assisted in fighter training for al-Shabab before to joining the Islamic State.

According to an anonymous US official who spoke to the AFP news agency, he is accused of having a “financial function with specific talents that made him a significant target for US counterterrorism action.”

It is alleged that months were spent planning the operation to target Sudani.

According to the Voice of America news website, Somalia has applauded the death of the Sudanese.

Hussein Sheikh Ali, a security advisor to the Somali government, said: “It’s a very good and inviting environment.”

He emphasised that while Sudani was “threatening,” Islamic State was not as much of a menace as al-Shabab in Somalia.

The message is that no terror group’s leaders are safe in Somalia, he continued.

With 32 attacks reported in 2022, largely in the capital of Mogadishu, IS Somalia is one of the organization’s lesser branches.

According to a UN report from the previous year, there are between 200 and 280 Islamic State fighters in Somalia, and the nation serves as a significant base for funding IS operations in Iraq and the Levant. However, the BBC has not independently verified this information.

A rare propaganda video from IS’s Somalia branch that depicted combat footage of fighting with Somali soldiers in a hilly area in the northeastern Bari region was just published last week.

The raid occurs less than a week after the US said that 30 al-Shabab extremists had been killed in a drone strike.

Pro-government soldiers in Somalia have made strides against al-Shabab recently.

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