Us Marshals Offered $2,500 Prize for Information Resulting in the Capture of an Escaped Prisoner

One of two inmates suspected of assaulting a corrections officer who fled the Ray County Prison Monday night is still at large. A reward of up to $2,500 is being offered by the U.S. Marshals Service for information leading to the capture of 39-year-old Justin Robinson.

Robinson, according to Ray County Sheriff Scott Childers, is a potential threat.  Anybody who spots it is encouraged to contact authorities immediately. Liam Olinger, an inmate at the Ray County jail, was immediately apprehended not far from the facility. Until his trial, Olinger is being held without bond.

The assault that took place within the Ray County Prison has resulted in charges of second-degree assault against a special victim and escape from confinement with a dangerous weapon for both Robinson and Olinger.

Surveillance footage, according to investigators, shows the two inmates plotting and executing the attack on a corrections officer from the Ray County Jail. On Wednesday, Childers shared clips from the jail surveillance video online.

Us Marshals Offering $2,500 Reward (1)
Us Marshals Offering $2,500 Reward (1)

Apparently, Robinson assaulted the officer while Olinger stabbed him many times in the face and neck with a “shank,” which was characterized in court filings as a piece of tin metal that inmates ripped off a damaged wall inside the jail.

“There is no doubt in my mind their intent was to kill him. It’s gruesome,” Childers said. “He was stabbed in the neck 12 times.” The handmade weapon appears to have flexed during the attack, as captured on surveillance video.

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“It kept from serious harm being inflicted upon him however the intention was still there,”  Childers said. The police officer suffered facial and neck lacerations. Before his escape, Robinson was being held without bond pending trial.

He was accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend multiple times earlier this year. Childers said steps are being taken to protect the woman until Robinson is back in custody. “It makes me very disgusted that we have someone as violent as Robinson out on the street that escaped from this jail,” Childers said.

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