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Verizon Credit Card Login, Payment Guide Step By Step

Verizon Credit Card Login

Verizon Credit Card Login

Synchrony Bank’s Verizon Visa® Card offers jaw-dropping rewards in typical spending categories for a card with no annual fee. Synchrony Bank issues it. The online paperless statement, examine transaction history, making online credit card payments, downloading account activity, and so on can all be done through the Verizon Credit Card Login page.

Autopay and paperless billing can save Verizon customers up to $10 a month on each account or line, depending on the plan. Normally, this discount is only offered to customers paying with a debit card or a bank account. In most cases, credit card payments are ineligible. However, you can save money if you use your Verizon Visa® Card to set up automatic payments.

Verizon Credit Card Login Procedure

Customers receive their Verizon Credit Card login credentials after completing the account registration process. Customers can access and manage their online accounts throughout the clock, no matter where they are or what time it is. Customers may successfully and efficiently manage their Verizon credit card accounts in this way.

To safeguard your account from illegal access, you must give some personal information while logging in. To access the next information, you must first log in.

Account Summary

A summary of your account’s current status is provided, containing the following information: your current account balance, credit line, available credit, amount currently due, date and amount of your last bill, date of your last sale, and amount of your most recent payment.


Allows you to check your bill online. Gives you a rundown of your most recent purchases and the three most recent billing cycles.


If you prefer, you can make a credit card payment online, review your payment history, or change or add your bank account information.

Managing your account

You can set up email alerts to remind you when your payment is due or when it’s been received. Other options include reporting your card as lost or stolen or requesting a new one.

You can edit your profile here.

It is possible to make changes to your contact information, including your mailing address, phone number, and email address.

The Verizon Credit Card Login portal can be accessed by following these simple steps.

Using Your Verizon Credit Card to Pay Your Bill

You can pay your Verizon credit card bill in one of three ways.

Make a Payment Online:

To make an online payment, you must first log in to your Verizon Credit Card account using the methods listed above. You’ll be able to make a purchase there using a credit card.

By phone:

To make a payment by phone, call Synchrony Bank Customer Service at (866) 313-9396 or the phone number on the back of your card during the hours below.

Monday through Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

By Mail

Send money to the following address. Make sure your money will arrive in plenty of time before the due date.

Verizon Visa
PO BOX 530916 Atlanta,
GA 30353-0916

Verizon’s website or customer service at 866-313-9396, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., will provide you with additional information about managing your Verizon Credit Card account online (PT)

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