Vermont Double-murder Suspect Arrested

Police in Danby, Vermont, claimed they were able to make an arrest in the 1989 stabbing deaths of a married couple thanks to sophisticated DNA testing on a little sample of blood.

Police in Syracuse, New York, arrested Michael Anthony Louise, 79, on Thursday for the second-degree murders of George Peacock, 76, and Catherine Peacock, 73.

Vermont Double-murder Suspect Arrested
Vermont Double-murder Suspect Arrested

On September 17, 1989, the Peacocks’ bodies were discovered. The home showed no traces of a break-in, and nothing of value had been taken.

Approximately two weeks later, Louise, who was married to one of the Peacocks’ daughters, was singled out as a possible culprit. At the time, authorities said they had established circumstantial evidence linking Louise to the murders.

It wasn’t until May 2020 that forensic testing revealed a DNA match to George Peacock in a spot of blood discovered inside Louise’s automobile in October 1989, thus providing detectives with the evidence they needed to make an arrest.

There had been prior testing of the blood sample, but the results had been inconclusive.

It took two years for authorities to make an arrest after a DNA match was found, but they promised further details will be made public after Louise’s arraignment.

Louise’s legal representation status was not immediately apparent. When he’ll be sent back to Vermont to face charges is yet unknown.


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