Video Captures 19-year-fatal Old’s Shooting on Indy’s Northwest Side

After a tragic shooting on the city’s northwest side, police are looking for two suspects.

A guy was found dead in a car in the parking lot of the Express Pantry at 4281 N. High School Road shortly before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The entire heinous act was captured on film.

Video Captures 19-year-fatal Old's Shooting on Indy's Northwest Side
Video Captures 19-year-fatal Old’s Shooting on Indy’s Northwest Side

One man was shot and murdered in the northwestern part of Indianapolis.
A vehicle is seen exiting High School Road and driving into a parking lot, captured on video. In a matter of seconds, the motorist was gunned down.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has requested that we refrain from further distribution of the footage in question, which appears to show two suspects exiting the victim’s vehicle.

One of the suspects emerged from the back seat, and another left the front passenger area. The two suspects exited the automobile, fired shots, and then walked away from the scene less than five seconds later.
“I’m just hurt,” said Jennifer White, the victim’s mother. You have made a mother very sad by taking her kid away.

Dakylen White, 19, was named by White as the victim; his father had also been killed at 19 years old.

His father passed away while he was only 19 years old. She commented, “His father was slain when he was 19, and now his son was killed when he was 19. What a jumble!
In addition to Jennifer, her son was expecting a son in October.

The murder of White was not treated as random by the IMPD; nonetheless, they did not reveal any details concerning a possible motivation.

The victim and two suspects were seen riding in a car together before the shooting occurred, as captured by surveillance cameras.

Jennifer stated, “It’s not right that we’re losing so many of our children and teenagers.”

The murder of White was the fourth during the weekend that IMPD officers had to investigate. Three persons were killed in a span of three hours on Fieldcrest Lane beginning late Friday night.

Jennifer expressed the hope that someday people would figure out how to resolve their differences without resorting to violence.

Two people were shot and killed in separate incidents yesterday night.
She expressed her sadness over the fact that her son had become the weekend’s fourth murder victim. However, “the violence must cease.”

None of the four murders that occurred over the weekend have led to any arrests.

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