Video Demonstrates Police Shoot Man After Car Crash in Colorado

The shooting death of a 22-year-old Colorado man by police after he crashed his car and appeared to be having a psychotic breakdown is captured on newly available videos that are both disturbing and disturbingly graphic.

Christian Glass, a citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, told police he was “terrified” after crashing into a ditch late on the evening of June 10 in the remote mountain village of Silver Plume.

He told the dispatcher, “I’m caught in a dangerous spot and I will be killed.” He was sure that unknown people were following him.
He said, “I’m going to have to slay some skin-walkers,” referring to the shapeshifting witches of Navajo legend.


Video Demonstrates Police Shoot Man After Car Crash in Colorado
Video Demonstrates Police Shoot Man After Car Crash in Colorado

I could be in danger if I got out of the automobile. Absolutely terrifying. Oh, I’m really nervous. “I love you for being with me,” he told the operator.

Glass then admitted that he was “not dangerous” despite having firearms in the car to protect himself from his “oppressors.”

I’m armed with a pair of knives, a hammer, and a rubber mallet… He told the operator, “But I’m not dangerous; I’ll keep my hands clearly visible; I’ll throw them out when the police arrive.”

The dispatcher informed the responding officers that Glass “sounds very paranoid,” and one of the first to arrive asked Glass quietly, “Do you need medical, brother?”

Glass took his keys out of the ignition but claimed he was too scared to get out of the SUV, prompting an officer to reassure him, “No, guy, we’re not going to shoot you.”

“Sir, I’m scared to death… Glass replies coolly through the open window of his automobile, “I am really afraid,” and offers to toss out his guns and follow the police to their station.

One of the officers sees a knife and draws his revolver, yelling, “Step out of the f—ing car immediately” as Glass holds his hands on the dashboard.

Glass seemed to get more paranoid after the interaction, and he even asked the police officer, “Why are you terrified of a knife if you are trying to chat?”

When further law enforcement arrives, Glass forms a heart with his hands.

A sergeant with the Colorado State Police repeatedly stated over the radio that Glass did not appear “suicidal, homicidal, or a major danger,” so there was no reason to enter the car during the standoff.

Glass, 22, picked up one of the knives when police officers attempted to smash open his car door and take him from the vehicle five minutes later.

15 minutes later, the police burst the window and immediately start shouting at him to “drop the knife.”

Glass yells in terror over and over again as he looks terrifiedly at the police officers who have surrounded his car.

He continues to scream in apparent fear as police fire beanbags at him, prompting one officer to shout, “Someone tase his ass!”

Then, when another officer approaches Glass’s window, one of them fires a barrage of shots as Glass raises the knife.

Glass “died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds,” with five of those gunshots being found in his torso, according to the autopsy results. The pathologist concluded that “the mode of death is homicide.”

According to Sally Glass, Glass’ mother, her son was “petrified” and “paralyzed” by dread the night he was murdered.

When asked how she was feeling, she answered, “I have a hole in my heart, and it will be there till the day I die.”

Glass was obviously in a crisis, according to the family’s attorney, Siddhartha Rathod of the Denver-based Rathod Mohamedbhi.

The cops “busted through Christian’s glass, shot him six times with beanbag bullets, tased him numerous times from two Tasers, and then shot him five times,” Rathod said. “Christian was facing a crisis and he phoned 911 for help.”

As the statement emphasized, he was “completely contained in his vehicle and exhibiting no threat” and “had committed no crime, posed no threat to himself or others, and there was no justification for ongoing engagement.”

“These police stole a lovely, serene spirit and destroyed it merely because it was time to move the night on,” the law firm claimed.

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