Video Describes Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis’ Arrest: “You Chose The Wrong Person”

Further footage of Oklahoma state Rep. Dean Davis, R-Broken Arrow’s, arrest in Bricktown on Thursday has been released by police. In it, Davis can be seen repeating his claim that officers violated his constitutional right to due process by arresting him while the Legislature was in session.

The Oklahoma City Police Department released four clips of body camera footage late Friday showing Davis, 50, handcuffed in the backseat of a patrol car and arguing with Sgt. Timothy Brewer following his arrest at a Skinny Slim’s bar in Oklahoma City at 2:15 a.m. on Thursday for public intoxication.

“You chose the wrong person, congratulations!” Davis is heard telling the police officer that he and the people with him that night were being unfairly targeted. After 2 a.m. on Thursday, Brewer and a police lieutenant were headed east on E. Main St. toward the Bricktown police station when they spotted numerous people drinking on the patio of a pub, which is against the law in Oklahoma.

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Video Describes Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis' Arrest You Chose The Wrong Person.
Video Describes Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis’ Arrest You Chose The Wrong Person.

According to the report, three of the men in the group refused to leave the bar when police officers approached them. The arrest report states that Davis “got combative” and produced his wallet to prove his congressional credentials.

Davis “tried to show us a credential and stated to the effect of you don’t know how bad you messed up(,) you will find out tomorrow,” Brewer wrote. “At this time I advised (Davis) to put his hands behind his back.”

According to Brewer’s report, a bartender told the accompanying police lieutenant that she had asked the males multiple times to leave the patio since the bar had closed. The individual testifying stated that the group maintained that they were representatives.

“Your (Fraternal Order of Police) officer and your supervisor need to be called now,” Davis said while in the back of the patrol car. “Do you understand that?”

On Saturday, Brewer was backed by a statement from Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police president Mark Nelson, who said Brewer “behaved professionally the entire time.”

“The detention and arrest of Rep. Davis were completely justified,” Nelson’s statement read. “Bricktown has been a source of violent crimes frequently influenced by alcohol. In an effort to curb crime and make Bricktown a friendly destination for families and tourists, strict enforcement of the law has been standard practice.”

“Our officers must deal with circumstances that are difficult and require much patience. We are proud of how Sgt. Brewer represented himself and the police department,” Nelson said.

Davis argued with Brewer about taking him to the Oklahoma County jail on Thursday, as seen on footage from the patrol car’s cameras. When Davis is told he will be arrested for public intoxication, he exclaims, “How is that even possible? Because you never even tested or did anything. Why won’t you answer me on that one?”

“There’s nothing to answer,” Brewer said during the video. “Your speech is slurred, you’ve got the smell of alcohol on your breath and you can’t understand or obey simple instructions.”

Davis also explained that the liquid in his cup was Coke and not booze. Representative T.J. Marti, a Republican from Broken Arrow who was present when police arrived on Thursday and is shown in the video, gave a similar account to NonDoc on Friday.

“He didn’t have a drink when they showed up,” Marti said. “He had a Dr. Pepper.”

Marti said in his NonDoc interview that Davis’ red eyes were caused by allergies and that he “took out his phone to book an Uber.” The Oklahoman was unable to get in touch with Davis despite several attempts. On Thursday, however, the legislator made a brief statement on the House floor in which he or she discussed the occurrence.

Video Describes Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis' Arrest You Chose The Wrong Person. (1)
Video Describes Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis’ Arrest You Chose The Wrong Person. (1)

“I dispute any wrongdoing,” Davis said. “However, I do want to take this opportunity to apologize to this body for creating this unnecessary distraction from the important work of the House.”

Davis’s latest arrest is the second of his presidency. Davis pled not guilty to driving while intoxicated, speeding, and impeding a police officer in a 2019 case in Broken Arrow and was sentenced to probation in September of that year.

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