Video Shows A Man Breaking Into A Taqueria Where A Robber Was Shot And Killed By A Customer

An incident at his restaurant that resulted in a fatal shooting, according to the owner of a taqueria, did not dissuade criminals from targeting the establishment. The eatery was broken into sometime early on Tuesday, and three video poker machines were seized. The proprietor informed KHOU 11 News about the incident’s surveillance.

The restaurant’s owner claimed that despite owning the business for 28 years, he was unprepared for what transpired last Thursday night when a client pulled a revolver before shooting and killing an attempted robber.

The person who shot the thief on camera met with the police. Prosecutors announced that a grand jury will now make the final decision.
The individual who was shot and murdered has been the subject of new information in the meantime. Eric Washington has been named as the offender. Washington has committed robberies in the past, according to court documents.

Prosecutors claim that in 2013 after a man was slain during an armed robbery, he and other people were charged with capital murder. Later, the accusation was modified to aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon; Washington was found guilty and given a 15-year jail term.

Although the precise date of his release is unknown, he was most recently detained on Dec. 16 for allegedly pushing and scratching his fiancée. Washington was released on a personal recognizance bail after being charged with a misdemeanor family violence offense.
On Thursday night, shortly before 11:30 p.m., a shooting took place at Ranchito Taqueria on S. Gessner close to Bellaire Boulevard.

According to the police, a masked, armed man entered the eatery and demanded cash and wallets from the patrons. One of the patrons pulled out a revolver as he was leaving and shot the masked man many times. The same client refunded the robber’s stolen money to the other customers after the shooting, according to the police.

The rest of the diners departed the area before the cops arrived, according to the authorities. Later, according to police, the robber lacked a real firearm. According to HPD Lt. Wilkens, “the robbery suspect… entered the business while donning a mask and gloves.” He was carrying a plastic gun, probably an aero soft or a little BB gun.

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