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Video of the Gunfire Between Police and New Mexico Youngster Beau Wilson: Come and M*rder Me!

Video Shows Police Shotout With New Mexico (2)

Video Shows Police Shotout With New Mexico (2)

After shooting and killing three elderly women in his hometown in New Mexico this week, teen mass shooter Beau Wilson pleaded with police to execute him, according to video released by authorities on Thursday.

On Monday, the rapid-fire rounds of the 18-year-old shooter were filmed on a Ring camera belonging to a resident of Farmington, before Wilson’s voice could be heard demanding justice.

It’s an open invitation: “Come kill me!” In front of a chapel near the Four Corners (the intersection of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado), Wilson shouted just before city authorities returned a fatal shot.

Video Shows Police Shotout With New Mexico (2)

Wilson had a chance to elude responding cops, the city’s police chief stated, and he clearly tried to commit suicide by cop. “Yes, it’s my belief that ultimately in his head, he has made the decision that he is going to stand and fight it out until he is killed,” Chief Steve Hebbe said.

Wilson’s wish was granted when Sgt. Rachel Discenza shot him to death after they had a simultaneous gun exchange. In recently released body camera footage, Discenza and other police can be seen running toward the high school student from Farmington who had removed his armored vest with steel plates.

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The Farmington PD! Wilson is ordered to show his hands by male police. Discenza falls to the ground and yells, “I’m shot!” shortly after an explosion of gunfire can be heard. Wilson was dead when police arrived to put him in handcuffs.

His abandoned vest included a message that said, “If your (sic) reading this I’m the end of the chapter.” Wilson may have suffered many gunshot wounds, although this is still unknown. According to reports from earlier this week, the entire shooting took place in less than 10 minutes.

Wilson began his tirade on his front porch and continued for about a quarter of a mile around the city at around 11 a.m. on Monday, which police described as a “purely random” act of violence. He started randomly firing at passing cars, killing 97-year-old Gwendolyn Schofield, 73-year-old Melody Ivie, and 79-year-old Shirley Voita.

Wilson’s first victim was Voita, a former school nurse. Schofield and Ivie were driving by and pulled over to aid after seeing her laying on the street after having crawled out of her car. Hebbe further, saying, “They see something in the road, which turns out to be [Voita], and they’re in the process of pulling over” when another hail of gunfire begins.

The news is confirmed by the tweet below, which describes the sh*otout with the young gunman in New Mexico:

We estimate that the gun has exhausted its ammunition supply at that point. Two police officers were among the six others wounded in the exchange of gunfire. At least three firearms, including a “assault-style rifle” obtained legally after Wilson turned 18, were used in the shooting.

Wilson and his father allegedly owned a large number of firearms and ammo, and Wilson lived there with his father. The police have not yet determined what led up to the terrible shooting on Monday. The local high school was scheduled to have Wilson, who police say was mentally ill and had a history of minor offenses, as the commencement speaker the day after the slaughter.

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