Here Are The Reactions Of Family Members And Authorities To The Videotape Of Tyre Nichols Arrest

While the Videotape Of Tyre Nichols Arrest that led to the hospitalization and death of a Black man, 29, has not yet been made public, some family members and police officials have seen it beforehand and expressed their disgust and shock at what they call a violent beating by policemen.

According to authorities, Tyre Nichols was injured while evading a traffic stop three days prior to his death, which occurred on January 10.

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Five Black officers from the Memphis Police Department who were present at the time of the arrest have subsequently been dismissed and charged with offenses relating to Nichols’ injuries and detention, including second-degree murder.

Antonio Romanucci, an attorney for the Nichols family, described the assault of the little boy as “an unvarnished, unashamed, non-stop thrashing of this small boy for three minutes.”

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy predicts that footage of the arrest will be made public Friday evening.

The footage would “evoke tremendous emotions, extremely strong emotions,” according to family attorney Ben Crump, who also reiteratively echoed repeated requests from both Nichols’ family and police that any protests or rallies over Nichols’ death be conducted peacefully.

Before the tape was made public, the following was said about it by the police and people close to Nichols.

Family Inconsolable Over Video

According to authorities, Nichols was stopped on January 7 for allegedly driving recklessly. Although there are still many unknowns regarding the stop, authorities claim that after an incident, pepper spray was used, and Nichols fled on foot before being apprehended once more by officers.

Mulroy claims that Nichols’ severe wounds from the arrest occurred during a subsequent altercation.

When relatives, lawyers, and police officials watched the video on Monday, Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, said it was obvious that Nichols “was terrified for his life” and fled.

He chose not to run because he wanted to get rid of all of his possessions, including his guns and drugs. Because he was afraid for his life, he fled. You can see in the video why he was terrified for his life.

At a vigil on Thursday, Nichols’ mother, RowVaughn Wells, expressed her desire for supporters to protest in a peaceful manner after viewing the video.

It will be horrible when that tape is released tomorrow, Wells said. I wasn’t there, but based on what I’ve heard, it’s going to be terrible.

When Wells heard Nichols question, “What did I do?” in the opening minute of the video, Crump claimed on Monday that Wells was unable to continue watching. According to Crump, Nichols can be heard requesting his mother three times in the video.

Romanucci spoke to John Berman of CNN. The film on Thursday would contain terrible moments, so viewers are “going to have to be prepared.”

It was an MMA fight, but just one-half of it was, according to Romanucci. Tyre was unprotected and helpless. He was bound up.

“It is disgusting. It is disgusting. The video is awful, according to Crump. It is aggressive. It is problematic on all levels.

According to early findings of an autopsy ordered by family lawyers, Nichols experienced “extensive bleeding caused by a brutal beating.”

Authorities Horrified, Swift To Condemn Involved Officers

Mulroy stated at a press conference on Thursday announcing criminal charges that Nichols was left “waiting around afterward” following the second altercation with responding officers before being taken to a hospital for treatment.

When questioned by CNN about a delay in treatment by authorities, Mulroy responded, “I believe if you view the video, you’ll be able to make that judgment for yourself. There was an expired length of time.”

According to a department official, two city firefighters who assisted with Nichols’ “first patient care” have also been dismissed from their duties.

The arrest was described as “heinous, reckless, and brutal” by Memphis Police Chief Carolyn Davis on Wednesday. She added, “In the spirit of transparency, you will see this for yourselves when the tape is published in the coming days.

I’m hoping you experience the same emotions as the Nichols family. Since our police officers have taken an oath to do the opposite of what was seen on the video, I fully expect you to be outraged by the contempt for fundamental human rights, she said.

She continued, “I expect our citizens to use their First Amendment right to protest, to demand action, and to demand results. But we must make sure that this procedure keeps our neighborhood secure.

The mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland, expressed his “sadness and anger” for Tyre Nichols’ family, saying that the right legal procedures must be followed and the family must be given the opportunity to view the camera tape first.

Strickland said of the arrest, “I am also angry for the many wonderful men and women of the Memphis Police Department who spend their careers to helping our community. To mend the wounds these events have left behind, we must all try to win back the public’s trust.

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