Virginia Student Assaulted Sexually In A School Bathroom In Fairfax County

A Virginia student allegedly suffered a sexual assault earlier this month in a middle school toilet, according to Farifax County Police.

The female Frost Middle School student, who claims to have been sexually assaulted on January 12, reported the incident to school authorities on Thursday. The police were then informed right away by school administration.

In a letter to parents, Fairfax County Public Schools explained that campus security would be boosted and that a “buddy” system would be employed anytime kids had to leave the classroom for any reason, including to use the restroom.

In the letter, it is stated that “the safety of our kids is our number one priority and we will always take appropriate action as soon as we are made aware of any claims of a crime or safety issue.” “We’ll have more adult help, including security, in the premises. A buddy system will also be used when kids leave the classroom or use the restroom.

Police are still looking into the event, and FCPS is assisting them. Due to the continuing police investigation and the need to protect student privacy and confidentiality, FCPS stated that it is unable to give any additional information.

Police reported that as part of their investigation, they are talking to people and watching school security tapes. Regarding the alleged sexual assault, no suspect has been named.

“We have an SRO at the school there, and we work very closely with the schools. Second Lt. James Curry of the Fairfax County Police told FOX 5 DC, “We will definitely quickly identify the culprit when we identify them.

And if there ever is a time throughout the inquiry when we need the community’s help in identifying a person, we will unquestionably inform our community about it, Curry said.

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