Vista del Rey Community in Shock as Fire Leaves 12 Apartments Uninhabitable

A fire at an apartment complex in Leon Valley has displaced several families, and locals there have expressed their outrage at the situation. On Tuesday, flames engulfed four apartments at the Vista del Rey complex in Leon Valley, causing widespread destruction.

From far away, plumes of smoke were rising from the building. “Me and my girlfriend, we were on our way home and we saw the smoke and we were like, that’s really close to where we live,” a resident said.

“We were actually 11 minutes away on the highway coming back when we saw smoke and the closer and closer we were getting, we were seeing that it was like darker and darker,” another resident said.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Neighbors complained that firefighters from Leon Valley couldn’t get to the blazing structure as easily as they should have. “All the gates are locked — there’s only two ways in and out. So, like, by the time they got here, like, it’s already halfway under,” a resident said.

A water hose and few personal fire extinguishers, according to residents, weren’t enough to put out the blaze. “So, we had to find a water hose there but no water pressure and then we took all these fire extinguishers by six, seven and couldn’t get it. So we, like, we just had to get everybody out,” a resident said.

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A total of 12 apartments were damaged by the fire. According to eyewitnesses, the Red Cross was barred from entering the building by management. “That’s just shocking. That’s like saying the fire department can’t be here. Like, the Red Cross is here to help people, especially on like tragic events like this,” one resident said.

Those immediately affected by the fire were left devastated. Tenants who were not directly impacted by the fires have also expressed fear about returning. “We were supposed to be moving in on the last building, 3906, before this all happened and we was actually scheduled to move in two days from now,” one resident said.

“I don’t really feel safe here and honestly, I really feel like signing a lease with this place was a huge mistake,” a resident said.

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