Walmart Shooting: Andre Bing ‘Targeted’ Certain People In Chesapeake Rampage, Witness Says

One of the victims of the mass shooting that took place inside a Walmart store in Chesapeake was determined to be 16 years old. When gunman Andre Bing opened fire at the department store on Tuesday, he took the lives of at least five other people in addition to Fernando Chavez Jr. At least four other people were injured during the attack.

The perpetrator of the mass shooting in Virginia just before the Thanksgiving holiday left a chilling “manifesto” on his cellphone, which was found by police. In it, he explained why he carried out the attack.

As investigators attempt to piece together a motive for the horrific events that took place in the employee break room, witnesses have recounted how the events transpired.

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According to a law enforcement source who spoke with the local media, Bing was “upset” about a recent change in his employment status and complained that other employees were “harassing” him.

A former coworker said he was anxious about the government watching him and did not like being videotaped. This person also stated that he did not like being recorded. During the assault, one witness asserts that she witnessed the suspect specifically target certain individuals.

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden stated that the shooting, along with the massacre that took place at an LGBT+ club in Colorado Springs over the weekend, highlighted the necessity to outlaw “sick” assault weapons that have no social value.

A security guard and a father of two children A mother who is busy making wedding preparations. A happy-go-lucky person.

This is how friends and family of some of the six people who were killed at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia when a manager opened fire with a handgun right before an employee meeting.

The shooting occurred right before the meeting was to begin. Five of the adults who were slain have been named, but the name of the sixth victim, a kid who was 16 years old, has not been made public by the authorities.

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