Washington DC School Bus Driver Arrested For Driving Under Influence

It’s a typical day in the nation’s capital. This past Thursday, a Virginia elementary school bus driver was arrested for driving under the influence after he or she crashed the huge yellow bus into a ditch while carrying a class full of pupils on a field trip.

Fairfax County, Virginia police have arrested 48-year-old Maryland resident Troy Reynolds on charges of driving while intoxicated and nine counts of flagrant, wanton, or irresponsible care for minors.

Washington Dc School Bus Driver Arrested For Dwi Following Field Trip Collision
Washington Dc School Bus Driver Arrested For Dwi Following Field Trip Collision

A school bus with 44 kids and 4 adults on board was being driven by a man who police say is wanted for questioning in connection with an incident that occurred on the way back to Murch Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Having returned from a day trip to Centreville, Virginia’s Cox Farms.

According to the police, Reynolds did not stop the bus until the adults on board persuaded him to follow another bus coming back from the same field trip.

In the parking area of the neighboring technology park, both buses stopped, and officers from the Fairfax County Police Sully District Station and the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department greeted the passengers.

Nine children had non-life threatening injuries, according to the police, who stated they were treated at the site.

Reynolds, authorities said, was arrested after failing a field sobriety test.

His second DWI arrest in a decade and commercial DWI with kid endangerment led to his arrest.

Reynolds had his license revoked in Virginia and suspended in Maryland, according to the police.

The search of Reynolds revealed a counterfeit medical ID in his possession, and he was subsequently detained without bail.

The Motor Carrier Safety Unit of the local police force discovered 18 separate breaches on both of the buses present. A third bus that arrived to relieve Reynolds’s bus was also removed from operation by police for safety issues.





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