After Colliding With a Brodozer’s Rogue Wheel, a Kia Soul Pinwheels Through the Air

Last week, a strange accident on a Los Angeles freeway was caught on camera by a Tesla owner’s in-car dash cam: a massive wheel and tire detached from a pickup truck rolled beneath an adjacent Kia Soul hatchback and then launched the Kia into the air since the tire remained upright.

According to reports, miraculously no one suffered significant injuries. On March 23rd, a car crashed on the 118 Freeway just south of Chatsworth. The Kia Soul is seen approaching from the left lane, and the video then cuts to a white pickup truck that looks to have been raised and modified moving into the center lane.

The left front wheel of the truck suddenly comes loose and rolls straight ahead of the Soul, in the same direction as the traffic. The Soul has little time to avoid the collision, and as a result, the wheel becomes wedged under the vehicle.

Watch Kia Soul Pinwheel Through Air
Watch Kia Soul Pinwheel Through Air

The next thing you know, the whole car is rolling up and straight up over the wheel, flying through the air, just like when you roll your body across a bouncy ball. It rolls over onto its hood and windshield, then back onto its wheels before coming to a skidding halt.

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The implicated truck can be seen swerving to the right, grinding on the wheel mount as it speeds to the side of the highway. Once the Kia finally stops, the same tire slams into the back gate, effectively kicking it in the pants.

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