Watch Video: A Coyote Attacks A Toddler In Front Of Her Dad Outside Los Angeles House

Disturbing surveillance footage reveals that a coyote assaulted a 2-year-old Los Angeles toddler and tried to drag her by her feet before the child’s panicked father could save her.

A coyote sneaks up on the youngster in the Friday video as the father of the young girl is seen packing up the family’s black SUV outside of their Woodland Hills home.

The young girl is shown being knocked off her feet as the animal approaches her, and the coyote is seen attempting to drag her away by her legs.

Her father hears the child’s panicked cries and runs over to grab her and yell at the crazy coyote.

Her father, Ariel, said, “I heard her screaming and sobbing and thought she had fallen down, but then I saw the coyote there.”

After that, the terrified pop is seen grabbing a water bottle and hurling it at the coyote.

Shira Eliyahuo, the mother of the child, frantically ran from the front entrance to her daughter’s assistance.

After taking her pants off, she remarked, “I saw her pants were splattered with blood, then I noticed they had scratches.” We had to get rabies shots, and we’re just hoping everything turns out okay.

The family’s Ring doorbell camera caught the terrifying attack that happened in broad daylight.

Although the pair frequently sees coyotes and other wildlife in the neighborhood where they have resided for three years in Los Angeles, they claim that the animals are typically scared of people.

Her mother stated, “We see a lot of coyotes here, but they typically flee.”

The young child received treatment for non-life-threatening wounds and received a rabies injection, but her parents claim that she is still too afraid to venture outside.

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