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How much money It Takes To Be Considered Wealthy in California

Wealthy in California

Wealthy in California

According to a new survey, having a million-dollar net worth is regarded as “comfortable” in different parts of the United States.

It takes a net worth of $2.2 million to be called “rich” in the United States, according to the annual Modern Wealth Survey conducted by financial services giant Charles Schwab. That’s up from $1.9 million last year.

In Southern California (where the poll included Los Angeles and San Diego), the threshold for what is deemed wealthy is $3.9 million. It’s the second-highest number in the poll, after San Francisco, where the “rich” net worth is $5.1 million.

To be financially comfortable in Southern California, you’d need a net worth of $1.3 million.

Here’s what it takes to be called wealthy in 2022 by city and ranked by net worth thresholds:

San Francisco: $5.1 million
Southern California (includes Los Angeles and San Diego): $3.9 million
New York City: $3.4 million
Washington, D.C.: $3.3 million
Seattle: $3.2 million
Phoenix: $2.7 million
Boston: $2.7 million
Dallas: $2.6 million
Houston: $2.6 million
Atlanta: $2.5 million
Chicago: $2.5 million
Denver: $2.3 million

It was performed online in early February, and participants ranged in age from 21 to 75 years old for each metro region.

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