West Baltimore Police Shoots And Kills “No Shoot Zone” Activist Tyree Moorehead

According to Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison, an officer shot and killed a man with a knife on Sunday in West Baltimore.

Tyree Moorehead was the one who came up with the idea for the city’s “no shot zones.” As an activist, he sprayed that message all around Baltimore, in different neighborhoods and on different walls.

Carlton Moorehead Sr. revealed to WJZ that his son had been shot and murdered by police in the Sandtown-Winchester area.

According to Harrison, Moorehead was clutching the knife while attacking a woman who was lying on the ground at the corner of North Fulton and West Lafayette Avenues at roughly 3:40 p.m.

According to Harrison, the officer had been sent to the crossroads after receiving a report of an armed individual, and his reaction upon seeing the guy holding the woman at knifepoint was natural. According to Harrison, the officer yelled a warning before shooting the suspect.

Moorehead was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but he later passed away from his wounds there.

He assured them that the woman was not in severe condition and had not been stabbed.

Brandon Scott, mayor of Baltimore, joined Harrison at the news conference.

The city of Baltimore cannot tolerate guys attacking women in broad daylight, as Scott put it.

Scott added that he, too, would be talking about the woman’s early death if not for the acts of the police officer.

Scott said that if the people involved hadn’t acted so swiftly, “we might be talking here tonight about a lady who has also lost her life.”

Harrison said the Maryland Attorney General’s Office was helping with the investigation into the incident. An officer from the BPD’s consent decree monitoring team was present on Sunday.

According to Harrison, video from body cameras will be released to the public soon.

According to union sources, Baltimore’s police union president Mike Mancuso has visited the murder squad at police headquarters following the incident.

According to WJZ reporter Cristina Mendez, North Fulton Avenue was closed between West Lanvale Street and West Mosher Street so police could secure the crime scene.

All around the big crime scene, police vehicles were stationed.
Moorehead’s no-fire zones have some extraordinary levels of specificity. The rest are just standard examples.

Across two hundred of Morehead’s anti-violence statements may be seen all over Baltimore.

They all point to the spot where a person was shot and died, with the goal that spreading the word would help reduce gun crime in the area.

Moorehead was shot and killed by police about a block away from one of these areas.


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