Whaling Company Sells Snacks Via Vending Machines In Japan

Due to harassment from anti-whaling groups, large supermarkets avoid dealing with whales. Many large supermarkets avoid using whales because they are concerned about being pressured by anti-whaling organizations.

Therefore, a lot of individuals want to eat whales but are unable to. As a result, we are opening stores in the hopes of giving those people somewhere to eat.”

Commercial whaling was outlawed by the International Whaling Commission in 1986.

after a few species were on the verge of extinction

however in 2019 Japan resumed commercial whaling.

According to the government, eating whales is an important aspect of Japanese culture.

According to some environmentalists, Kyodo Senpaku’s vending machines

are futile efforts to rekindle interest in a failing firm

(Katrin Matthes, director of policy for Japan at Whale and Dolphin Conservation)

“Therefore, it is what they are most likely attempting. Make it more well-known and raise public awareness of it. By convincing the public that this is a crucial component of our national character, they may hopefully enhance demand and improve sales.

So that is what we believe is happening at this time. Therefore, it is quite uncertain if they will ultimately succeed. As of right now, it appears (to us) that the public is not being much influenced by it.”

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