What Does ASL Mean On TikTok: What Is The Meaning Of Newly Trending Term?

What Does ASL Mean On TikTok: It’s no secret that the social media app TikTok is where people go for the newest viral dances, music, recipes, life hacks, and more, but it’s also a great place to learn the lingo of the moment.

The use of acronyms and shortened forms of words on the Internet is nothing new.

“lol” for “laugh out loud” and “brb” for “be right back” are two common abbreviations.

The term “asl” has recently entered the lexicon of TikTokers. What does this all mean, then? Please read on to discover the meaning of the most recent fad in cyber slang.

What Does ASL Mean On TikTok

It’s possible that a lot of people are clueless about this, but “ASL” is an abbreviation for “American Sign Language.” Social media users have been spelling the term with all lowercase letters and using it incorrectly.

On TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, you will most likely come across the acronym “asl,” which stands for “as hell.” This abbreviation is used frequently.

One Twitter user, for instance, remarked, “I woke up about hungry as hell this morning lmfao.”

Another person commented, “I must be growing old since whenever I get a message saying there is an iOS update available, the first thing I think is, ‘another one?'” I like getting improvements.

Although some people use slang, the pop culture word is not as well known.

“The fact that ‘asl’ now means ‘as hell’ totally throws my old millennial brain into a loop,” tweeted one person. Another said, “I simply want to know… who decided asl… meant as hell… make it make sense…”

Another individual said, “Who the f—k is using ‘asl’ as a shortener for ‘as hell?'” I’m old [as f—k] because that expression will always imply something different to me.

A few people on Twitter mentioned that the acronym ‘asl’ can also mean “age, sex, and location.” However, it appears that members of Generation Z are reclaiming the term “as hell” for its original meaning.

Another Term Being Used On TikTok

Cheugy is another popular word or phrase that people use on TikTok these days.

Let’s be honest: As TikTok became more and more popular in the year 2020, a lot of new slang phrases came into use. You have probably heard kids or even young adults use new words and phrases in their everyday speech.

If you use TikTok a lot, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the word “cheugy” or seen it written in a video at some point.

So, what is the meaning of the popular new word that members of Generation Z can’t stop talking about these days?

What Does ASL Mean On TikTokSource: Distractify

Urban Dictionary says this is what cheugy means: “It means the opposite of fashionable and is used to describe someone who keeps wearing old styles even though they are no longer popular. This could include, but isn’t limited to, things like vocabulary, habits on social media, and fashion, among other things.”

It’s the same thing as calling someone “simple.”

On March 30, TikTok user Hallie Cain made a video in which she explained the word “cheugy.” In the short video, she gave several examples of what it means to be “cheugy.”

She gave examples like graphic t-shirts and hats, words printed on clothes, and cheugy. The TikTok user went on to give more examples of how a person or a trend from the past could be seen as cheugy.

In general, we appreciate how TikTok has taught us new slang words.

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