What Does Mid Mean On TikTok: From Where Did The Slang Originated?

What Does Mid Mean On TikTok:

You may have questioned, “What does mid mean on TikTok?” after seeing the term “mid” used in TikTok comments, subtitles, or videos. The phrase “It’s named the midwest because everything in it is MID…” was the initial sound. After a TikTok user pronounced the Midwest “mid,” other users began using the same sound to talk about their “mid” experiences. Almost overnight, the term “FYP” became ubiquitous on TikTok and is now familiar to everyone using the app.

But what does “mid” actually imply on TikTok? If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz on TikTok about this word is about, keep reading!

What Does Mid Mean On TikTok

This slang expression is only a common way of expressing disappointment with a product or service. Urban Dictionary defines it as “a term intended to criticize or belittle an opposing opinion by characterizing it as average or poor quality.”

To hear that a video is “mid” is certainly not a positive experience, given that many people use TikTok to boast about a skill, hack, or other accomplishments. It’s bad enough that people are using this derogatory new phrase to attack one another in the comments area. Still, now they’re specifically referring to one another by their physical appearance.

It’s best to ignore this infantile conduct because it’s predictable. Trolls on TikTok are simply waiting to make fun of your latest hair experiment. Negative people must not be allowed to prevail.

Top “Mid” Trends On TikTok

One of the most well-known “mid”-based TikTok trends began in 2021 from a September All Elite Wrestling footage and has since gone viral.

Here, AEW fighter Maxwell Jacob Friedman insults an audience in Cincinnati, Ohio, by yelling, “It’s called the Midwest because everything in it is MID!” He then proceeds to name off a slew of mid-tier Ohio trademarks.

What Does Mid Mean On TikTokSource:

The question was, “Skyline Chili? Mid! That team from Cincinnati that hasn’t been to the World Series since 1990? “Muh-muh-muh-mid,” he yells. Every single resident of this area is a MID.

It appears that the Midwest has recovered from the onslaught relatively undamaged. However, permanent harm was done to the conversation on TikTok.

With around 200k videos incorporating the sound, the sped-up, emphasis-added version of the speech is the most popular incarnation of the monologue on TikTok. Whether it’s to double down on Midwestern slurs or to lament the “mid” nature of the university experience, TikTokers have chosen this sound to vent their frustrations.

Among TikTokers, a new “mid”-based sound has gone viral as a way to proclaim one’s “not-mid” status. A shrill voice asks, “What the heck possibly be the difference between you and me?” In response, another voice says, “The difference is, I’m not mid,” followed by a beat drop.

Nearly 2 million people have watched a video in which a blue medical mask asks a sleek black surgical mask the same question, implying that the latter is more fashionable. So, yes. It seems that even face masks may have a mid vibe.

This sound has also been used to compare and contrast the left and right sides of one’s face, as well as Twinkies and Gansitos.

Origin Of The Slang

While’mid’ may have been a slang adjective for some time, it is only recently that it has been popular on TikTok. What gives?

Maxwell Friedman, an American professional wrestler, seemed to revive interest in the phrase after he mocked the region’s culture on AEW.

Friedman yelled during a live broadcast of All Elite Wrestling, “This is the real deal!”

Everything in the Midwest is about the middle of the country, hence the name.

The sportsman went on to name other typical Midwest ideas that he finds lacking.

The sound began to explode online on October 29, 2021, when @allelitewrestling uploaded the first AWE footage to TikTok.

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