What Happened To Fetty Wap: There Was Never A Time When Fetty Wap Felt Uneasy About His Eye

The moniker Fetty Wap was once among the most recognizable in the history of hip-hop. we will read about What Happened To Fetty Wap in this article.

He made his debut in the music industry in 2014 with the release of the single “Trap Queen,” which finally achieved platinum certification, and then went on to continue his reign of supremacy with the release of his debut self-titled album the following year.

The album was so successful that it sold more than one million copies and even took the top spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

In 2016, Fetty was shortlisted for two Grammy Awards and went on to win both a Billboard Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award. He was also nominated for two Grammy Awards.

After that… It would appear like Fetty Wap has vanished into thin air, at least when it comes to the release of a new album.

His absence from the scene has left fans and even those who just occasionally listen to music wondering about Fetty Wap’s whereabouts. Let’s take a more in-depth look at What Happened To Fetty Wap?

What Happened To Fetty Wap? He Released New Music In 2020

It appeared as though Fetty Wap had returned to the music world with the release of a new music video for “Fresh N Clean” at the end of March 2020. On May 20, 2020, official audio for “Pretty Thang” was also made available via his YouTube channel.

In fact, Fetty is now working on a brand new studio album that will be titled King Zoo which will be released in the year 2020. The rapper made the announcement of the King Zoo tour back in February.

“I just kept rising,” he told XXL magazine, saying that he started over seven times before getting on the current tracklist. “I just kept raising,” he said. “I just kept elevating.” “Every time I would take a break, and when I would come back to it, there would be a new sound… It was necessary for me to figure out how to speak. So, Did Fetty wap anytime feel uncomfortable about his eye?

There Was Never A Time When Fetty Wap Felt Uneasy About His Eye

In addition to expressing gratitude to his physician for still being able to save his right eye, the rapper known as “Trap Queen” also made it clear that he had accepted it completely.

“I’m probably one of the first rappers/singers to come on the scene with one eye and be comfortable with it,” he added. “I’m probably one of the first rappers/singers to arrive on the scene with one eye.”

Fetty Wap also discussed people’s responses, revealing that the majority of them were critical of him and his music.

YouTube video

When the accident, he made the decision to get a prosthetic eye, but he later stopped using it after he came to terms with the fact that he was born with a disability and learned to live with it.

The rapper’s eye became a topic of conversation not long after he entered his guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine.

According to a representative of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, Fetty Wap has not yet been given a date for his sentencing hearing. However, his attorney has already requested that the sentencing date be moved up.

CNN said that he faces a possible sentence of between 87 and 108 months in jail as a result of his guilty plea, which would result in a minimum of five years behind bars. why is news of Fetty Wap will go to prison circulating on the internet?

Will Fetty Wap Serve Time In Prison?

After making headlines for a number of years because of Fetty’s eye, the rapper is currently in the news due to his arrest.

During the Rolling Loud music festival that took place at Citi Field in October 2021, he was detained on suspicion of narcotics possession and placed under arrest.

What Happened To Fetty WapSource: Youtube

According to The New York Times, at the time, he was one of six people who were suspected of distributing more than 100 kilograms of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and crack across Long Island and New Jersey. The other five people in the group were charged with the same crime.

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