What Is A Home Warranty, And Why Do You Need It?

Few things are worse for a homebuyer than having something break away right after moving in. This is especially the case when what broke costs a lot to fix. Fortunately, there is California home warranty available at a good rate to protect you. These were invented to repair or replace breaking items right after buying.

What Is Home Warranty?

Home warranty is also known as homeowners warranty and is a contract usually signed over the duration of a year. The homeowner pays a fee and the insurer helps pay for several replacement items or repairs.

To keep it as simple as possible, the home warranty is a very interesting and effective way to gain protection against replacing major appliances, home systems, and several repairs. However, the plans do vary a lot from one insurer to another. It is important to choose the best one only after shopping around.


The coverage does vary based on what company you use and the plan you buy. However, most home warranties do include working part repairs for home items like:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Furnace
  • HVAC
  • Home major appliances like refrigerators or washers
  • Water tanks

As expected, if you want to cover more, you pay more.

Home Warranty Advantages

It is obvious that you do not want to buy a home and then end up with the air conditioning breaking after just a month. The home warranty can help with:

  • Protecting From Unplanned Expenses – The home warranty will cover at least a part of the costs you would be faced with when you have to repair expensive systems and appliances. This happens as long as they are breaking down during the coverage period. If you believe you will not have money for such a situation, the policy is worth it.
  • Saving You Hassle And Time – When the appliance or home system breaks, the only thing required is making a claim. You go to the warranty company, fill out a form and they take care of the rest of the process. There is no reason to look for a contractor, compare quotes, or have to try the repairs yourself. The company offering a home warranty is the one that will take care of that for the homeowner.

Finding Great Home Warranty Deals

There are several companies that offer home warranty these days. It is very important to take your time to compare the policies so you choose the very best one for you. This is because there are some dishonest companies out there that do not really care about the homeowners. They will take advantage of several fine prints in order to avoid offering you the coverage you expect.

The best thing you can do is to shop around. Look for those companies that have a good reputation and always read the entire contract before you sign it so you know exactly what is covered and what is not. Also, you want to be sure you cover the items you are interested in, like a swimming pool. Do not assume everything is automatically covered.


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