What Was Australian Rapper Lil Bo Weep Cause of Death?

Another young Internet star died too soon, which is sad. Many of his fans were shocked and saddened to hear that YouTube star Lil Bo Weep had died at the age of 22.

In 2015, when she was only 15, Lil Bo Weep started putting out songs she had made on SoundCloud. Now, her father has posted on Facebook that she has died, making many people wonder what happened to her.

Lil Bo Weep Cause of Death

Lil Bo Weep Cause of Death

According to a post from her father, Lil Bo Weep, whose real name was Winona Brooks, died on Sunday. The song “Codependency,” which the Australian rapper was best known for, has been played millions of times on Spotify. In a Facebook post, Winona’s father said that she had always struggled with PTSD and drug use.

“This weekend, depression won the battle for my daughter’s life,” he wrote. “She doesn’t have to fight anymore because the universe wants its angel back.”

He called Winona his “best friend” and his “hero.” No official cause of death has been made public yet, and it’s not clear if one will ever be. Winona was famous, but she was also unknown enough that her parents may be able to grieve in private.

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Lil Bo Weep Had a Large Online Fan Base

Before she died, Winona had more than 100,000 YouTube fans and more than 30,000 Instagram followers. Winona’s last Instagram post was four days before she died, but all of her recent posts are full of comments from people who are sad about her death.

“Rest in peace. “I love you,” wrote one responder, and many others said the same thing.

One fan said “You will be missed Lil Bo Weep thank you for your music thank you for being such an inspiration to so many “

“This is so sad man rip lil bo weep u were so kind 2 me. sending sm love” said the other

It’s clear that many of Winona’s friends will be very sad about her death, even as they try to figure out what happened. Many people may guess, but it’s clear that Winona’s death is a sorrow, no matter what caused it. Her fans should try to give her family some space in the future.

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