How Was the California Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Whose IQ Level Was Higher Than Einstein’s Caught?

Rodney James Alcala was an American serial killer and s*x offender who died while on California’s death row. Let’s find out what Rodney Alcala’s IQ was.

What Was the IQ of Rodney Alcala?

Rodney James Alcala is an American who was a serial killer from 1968 to 1979. The “Dating Game Killer,” killed at least five people and could have killed hundreds. He went to UCLA and NYU and then worked as a professional photographer.

The tweet below confirms Rodney Alcala’s IQ:

His IQ is said to be 170, which is very high. Rodney Alcala is a genius. Still, he wasn’t smart enough to get away with his crimes.

How Did Rodney Alcala Die?

Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala died on Saturday at a hospital in Kings County, California. He was known as the “Dating Game Killer” and was found guilty of killing six women and one girl in the 1970s. He was 77.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says that Mr. Alcala, who was on the state’s death row, died of natural causes.

How Was Rodney Alcala Caught?

Mr. Alcala got a job as a camp counselor in New Hampshire, but he was caught when someone saw his picture on a flyer at a post office. The ad said that he was wanted by the police. He was given to the cops in Los Angeles, and in 1972, he was found guilty of abusing Ms. Shapiro. After 34 months, he was let out of jail.

In Orange County, California, Mr. Alcala was given the death penalty in 1980 for kidnapping and killing Robin Samsoe, a 12-year-old girl who went missing in 1979 while riding her bike to a dance class. Robin’s body was found in a deep mountain valley by a forest service worker. Nearby, a cooking knife was found.

In 1984, the California Supreme Court changed Mr. Alcala’s sentence. The court said that the case was stained by the fact that Mr. Alcala’s past crimes were brought up in court. A new hearing was given to Mr. Alcala.

Mr. Alcala was again sentenced to death in 1986 for killing Robin. In 2003, a federal appeals court overturned the sentence and gave Mr. Alcala a new trial, the department said.

Investigators finally used DNA to link Mr. Alcala to four other murders, which led to him being charged with killing Jill Barcomb, 18, and Georgia Wixted, 27, in 1977; Charlotte Lamb, 32, in 1978; and Jill Parenteau, 21, in 1979.

In 2010, a jury in Orange County, California, found that Mr. Alcala had killed those four women and Robin.

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Rodney Alcala Extradition

In 2010, the cops released dozens of photos of young women that had been found in a storage locker that Mr. Alcala kept in Seattle in 1979. Several women said that in the 1970s, a photographer named John Berger took their picture in New York.

Mr. Alcala was sent back to New York in 2012, where he admitted to killing Ms. Hover and Ms. Crilley. In 2013, he was given a term of 25 years to life in prison.

Justice Bonnie G. Wittner cried as she heard about Mr. Alcala’s violent crimes at his sentencing in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

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