What We Know About the Memphis Gun Spree Victims

So far, authorities in Memphis have only been able to positively identify four of the seven people shot or injured on Wednesday.

Ezekiel Kelly, 19, is accused of opening fire in many shootings in and around Memphis earlier this week, killing four individuals, including Dewayne Tunstall, Alison Parker, and Corteria Wright, and injuring three others, including Rodolpho Berger.

What We Know About the Memphis Gun Spree Victims
What We Know About the Memphis Gun Spree Victims

To date, we have learned the following information on the victims:
The Late Dewayne Tunstall

According to neighbors, Tunstall was Kelly’s first accused victim because the two went to school together as children.

At around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Kelly allegedly requested the 24-year-old to meet him in a mutual friend’s driveway for a private conversation. A police affidavit states that after drawing Tunstall aside, Kelly opened fire during their chat, hitting him at least once in the head.

Fox News Digital’s photos show bullet holes on the house’s exterior and a bloodstain on the driveway. There was at least one bullet that went through what seems like a kid’s bedroom window (there are toys on the sill).
Death of Alison Parker

Kelly’s killing spree accelerated after he reportedly killed Tunstall.

There were four people killed, and Parker was one of them. A Facebook post identifies her as the mother of three who previously worked as a medical assistant at the Family Practice Center of West Memphis.

Family physician Dr. Trent Pierce posted Thursday that one of his patients had been killed in the violence in Memphis the day before. “As we struggle to make sense of this tragic loss, please pray for her loved ones and for everyone here at the office.”
According to a GoFundMe page for Parker’s family, he “leaves behind three children who also lost their father two years ago.”

“At the time of the shooting, she was with one of her kids. To the extent that you are able, please donate to aid these people “stated in the aforementioned description.
R.I.P. Corteria Wright

According to Facebook posts made by her father, Corterian Wright, it appears that Corteria Wright, who turned 17 on August 25, was also killed in the attack.

Wright wrote on Facebook on Friday, “It’s impossible to be strong right now, but I’m trying.”
Wright reflected on his daughter, affectionately known as “BayBay,” and recalled how she was pure at heart, full of laughter, exceptionally bright, and blessed with a beautiful singing voice. He uploaded a clip from his daughter’s Instagram profile showing her singing. Wright implored his audience to “please stop the bloodshed” several times in a different video.

A GoFundMe page titled “Help with Corteria’s ‘BayBay’ burial expenses” reads, “She was so full of joy and life and had plans for her future, which were all ended by gun violence.” “BayBay was usually cheerful and quick with a joke or a chuckle. A bright young person who was taken away for no apparent cause.”
A hurt Rodolfo Berger

Parts of the attacks, including the shooting of a customer at an AutoZone store on Jackson Ave., were reportedly broadcast live on Facebook by Kelly.

Jenny Berger said her dad, Rodolpho, was the unknowing shopper.
“He was in the wrong location at the wrong moment,” Berger wrote on Facebook on Thursday. “While going live on Facebook, a gunman entered an autozone and fatally shot him. This occurred in Memphis, Tennessee. I keep hoping that this whole viral infection is just a bad dream.”
His daughter added that Rololpho had surgery and is now “under great care.” She went on to say that he will require “another operation,” but that he is “very STRONG and ready for a path of healing ahead.” To aid with Rodolpho’s medical costs, a GoFundMe page titled “Rodolfo’s Journey of Healing” has been set up.

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