Wheeling couple gave birth to the smallest ‘miracle’ baby ever in Tennessee hospital.

The pleas for divine intervention began right here in Wheeling, in the city of prayer. For this reason, the Harveys have confirmed to 7NEWS that their young warrior is still living.

When baby Levi was born 13 weeks prematurely, his weight was 0.66 pounds, making him the tiniest infant ever admitted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

During an emergency C-Section, Levi James Harvey was brought into the world. During Rachel’s 25th week of pregnancy, physicians discovered that her amniotic fluid level was low.

Damon Harvey, a longtime Linsly music instructor, and Rachel Harvey were rushed to a high-risk pregnancy hospital in Chattanooga after leaving their new home in Georgia.

They were nervously typing their baby’s name into Facebook for the first time while they were there. The first series of posts pleaded with their Wheeling friends to pray for God to intercede on their behalf.

His given name translates as “harmonious.” And we were hoping that he would be able to work in harmony with my placenta, which was not operating as it should have.”

Two weeks had been purchased, and it was now time. Doctors told Rachel that Levi needed to weigh one pound/450 grams to survive.

“And when they brought him, they were completely taken aback,” Rachel explained. “He weighed only 290 grams, which is around 10 ounces, or approximately.6 pounds.”

His gestation growth was maybe 21 weeks at the time of his birth. In the history of Erlanger Hospital, this is the tiniest room ever.

Levi is currently crossing off every box on the list. “I remember one of the first days, the doctors have told me there were like a million things we didn’t even know Levi would be able to test off, and right now he is checking them all off.”

As a result of his short trip thus far, Levi has accomplished what many would consider impossible. His parents refer to them as “miracles.”

An event that violates natural law with the divine agency at the helm, according to theologians, is referred to as a miraculous event.

As a result, his oxygen requirements increased from 30 to 100 percent. That is the only thing that has changed, and that is the fact that I prayed for him, placed my hands on him, and prayed in Jesus’ name. And his oxygen requirements were reduced to 30 percent of what they had been.”

Levi is a difficult question to answer in light of this: Why Levi? What is the reason behind this now? Why are we fighting such a long and difficult battle?

I believe we have a promise, Damon said. “I believe one of the promises we have is that all of this will happen so that the work of God will be highlighted in his life.”

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Not to mention the fact that Dean, three, has yet to meet his very small brother.

“According to the Scriptures, it is a blessing when brothers live together in harmony. And we know Dean is ecstatic about the prospect of becoming a big brother. And we think to ourselves, “They won’t be able to live together in harmony until Levi returns.” As a result, he’ll be returning home.”

The Harveys have nothing but happiness in their hearts. They are grateful for many people working at the hospital and the prayers of people in congregations they do not recognize.

The lungs will be the next significant obstacle to overcome as physicians strive to remove Levi’s breathing tube from his body. The Harveys ask for one thing: people pray for their son’s lungs to grow.

“I’m a big brother, dad,” Dean exclaimed with excitement. This story’s day aired was February 23, which was Levi’s declared due date. Each day is another day, and the Harveys give God the glory for allowing him to spend more than 80 days outside of the womb.

There is a GoFundMe set up for the Harveys, who are still dealing with the financial burden of medical bills and stay charges.

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