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Where Is Anthony Strangis Now? Are Strangis And Melngailis Still Together?

Where Is Anthony Strangis Now

Where Is Anthony Strangis Now

When you think about starting a business, what is the first thing that springs to mind? While financial gain is certainly a driving force, many would-be business owners are put off by the time and effort required to get their venture off the ground. To know about Where Is Anthony Strangis Now? keep reading this article.

Anthony Strangis doesn’t share your values; he reimagined what it means to pull a fast one. Viewers of Netflix’s Bad Vegan will be shocked to learn the lengths to which some people will go to maintain a lavish way of life.

It cost Anthony his prosperous business enterprise. After being found guilty and facing charges, what happened to Anthony Strangis? Anthony Strangis was a professional criminal who preyed on the naive under a plethora of identities.

When your life is the subject of a documentary that gets shown on one of the largest streaming services in the world, you know you’ve accomplished something significant. Since Anthony Srangis’s story made headlines across the country due to the perpetrators’ heinous actions, it is not a new one.

Anthony shied away from the spotlight when his ex-wife was featured in the Netflix documentary Bad Vegan. So, where is this con man now, and what happened to him?

Who Is Anthony Strangis?

A native of the United States, Anthony Strangis will turn 42 in 2022. He is well-known for his shady past as a con artist, criminal, gambler, and ex-spouse of Sarma Melngailis. Sadly, information on Anthony Strangis’s past is scant.

Source: Gudstory

Various sources state that although Strangis was born in Massachusetts, he spent his formative years in Sarasota. Here he was surrounded by criminals and their associates.

Few members of Anthony Strangis’s family have spoken publicly since he was brought into the spotlight for his actions.

A source, however, revealed that his father, John J. Strangis Sr., spent over 25 years as a police officer in Brockton. In 1989, Strangis Sr. left the police force.

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Where Is Anthony Strangis Now?

Both Strangis and Melngailis agreed to plea pleas and served time at New York’s notorious Rikers Island prison. Strangis served a longer sentence, more than a year, before being released from prison in 2017 on five years’ probation.

So, while he isn’t completely free, he was able to leave the courthouse that day in a red and blue checkered shirt, blue jeans, and construction boots and into the world. If he wants, he can even order Domino’s.

How Did Anthony Strangis And Sarma Melngailis Meet?

Since Melngailis was the blonde bombshell most often seen representing Pure Food & Wine in public and attracting well-heeled clients, it makes sense that less is known about Strangis than Melngailis. But their illicit business practices obscured a plainly toxic relationship behind the scenes.

True story: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, two famous Pure customers and friends of Melngailis, claim to have met each other there and that Alec was instrumental in introducing Strangis to his future wife. As these things seem to do these days, it all unfolded on various forms of social media.

According to Melngailis’ team in Vanity Fair reporting, Strangis began conversing with Melngailis via Twitter in 2011, after Strangis entered the virtual orbit of the Baldwins. (The attorney for the Strings refutes this version of their history. It’s chaotic.)

Although details of their early relationship are scant, the New York Daily News reports that Strangis and Melngailis tied the knot in 2016. Until 2010, he was married to Stacy Strangis. She described him to the New York Post in three words: “sociopath.”

Are Strangis And Melngailis Still Together?

It looks like the couple is no longer together. After both parties entered into plea agreements in 2018, the scandalized vegan queen filed for an uncontested divorce from Strangis. Like so much else with these two, the current legal status of their marriage and if the divorce is official remain unclear.

No information has been revealed regarding a potential new love interest for Strangis. However, Melngailis has put him in the rearview mirror, just like the scorned ex-wife before her. It would appear that she is finished with marriage altogether. It appears that the events surrounding Bonnie and Clyde have left an indelible mark.

She told the Post, “I have no desire to get married again.” “I’m not interested in dating at all.” With Strangis or anyone else, perhaps more so if they coerce her into a fraud plan while eating fast food pizza loaded with dairy.

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