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Where Is Big Meech Now: What Led To Big Meech’s Incarceration?

Where Is Big Meech Now

Where Is Big Meech Now

The first episode of the new criminal drama BMF, also known as Black Mafia Family, debuted on Starz on September 26, 2021. We will read about Where Is Big Meech Now In this article.

The television show had a good chance of being successful because one of the executive producers was Curtis Jackson, better known as the Grammy-winning rapper 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, who does not require any introduction, played a literal preacher in the show.

In addition to this, the show is based on a real-life event, which tells the narrative of two brothers who were reared in Detroit and go on to construct a drug empire from the bottom up. That merely adds further mystery to the situation.

In the 1980s, two brothers named Demetrius and Terry Flenory, also known by their separate aliases of “Big Meech” and “Southwest T,” were responsible for the establishment of one of the most notorious narcotics and money-laundering enterprises in the United States.

Demetrius Flenory Jr., better known by his stage name “Lil Meech,” portrays his kingpin father, Big Meech (we can’t make this stuff up), while Da’Vinchi takes on the role of Southwest T. We are thrilled to learn that Big Meech’s son, who is now 21 years old and working as a rapper and actor (50 Cent urged him to pursue acting when he was just 17), but we are curious: where is Big Meech these days?

Who Is Big Meech?

In the month of June in the year 1968, Meech “Big” Biggs was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Together with his brother Terry, he established the Black Mafia Family, a significant narcotics organization that was responsible for the distribution of many kilograms of cocaine throughout a number of states.

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This collection of states consists of Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. Also included in this group are Ohio and Tennessee. After Terry and his brother had a disagreement in the year 2001, Terry decided to travel to Los Angeles and launch his own company there.

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Where Is Big Meech Now?

After informing you that BMF is about Big Meech’s huge drug and money-laundering business, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to find out that Big Meech is currently serving time at an Oregon jail following his and Southwest T’s arrest in 2005.

In addition to their huge drug ring, the brothers established the record label BMF Entertainment in the year 2000, and Big Meech co-founded JUICE Magazine. Both of these ventures proved to be profitable avenues via which the brothers were able to launder money.

In order to put things into perspective, The Detroit News reports that the cocaine network raked in around $270 million in revenues and provided work for more than 500 individuals. The fact that it all began with the brothers selling low quantities of cocaine when they were still in high school is mind-boggling.

What Led To Big Meech’s Incarceration?

In 2008, as a result of having been found guilty of running one of the most significant drug trafficking and money laundering schemes in the history of the state of Michigan, both brothers were sentenced to life in prison.

Big Meech will be freed from jail somewhere in the early part of 2028 because of amendments that were made to the United States Sentencing Guidelines, namely 782 and 788. All drug offenses that were committed before November 2014 are affected by these amendments.

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In addition, in October 2021, he was witnessed participating in charitable endeavors, which he anticipated would be able to bolster his argument for an early release from prison. On September 26, his son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., played the role of his father in a Starz drama based on their lives.

The drama was created by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Randy Huggins, who also served as the writer and executive producer.

When Exactly Will Big Meech Get Released From Jail?

A federal judge ultimately lowered Big Meech’s sentence in June 2021, which means that he will now be serving 324 months as opposed to the initial 360 months that he was sentenced to serve. This came after a string of unsuccessful attempts to walk free early.

It is anticipated that Big Meech will be freed from prison in the year 2028. 50 Cent, who is executive producing for BMF, made sure to celebrate this news in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

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