Where Is Dr Cline Now: Is There Any Criminal Charge Against Dr. Cline?

Where Is Dr Cline Now: The disturbing actual story of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility specialist who was discovered to have artificially inseminated numerous women without their consent, is told in the just-released Netflix documentary “Our Father.” In the movie, Jacoba Ballard, who thought she was an only child but the fact had several half-siblings, recalls taking a DNA test and learning about her siblings.

She learned of their existence. She was the first of more than 90 people to learn that Cline was their real father and that they were also his legitimate children. She was also the first to find out that they were biological children of Cline.

Some scenes from the story are reenacted in the documentary, with actor Keith Boyle playing Cline. Many viewers were left with unanswered questions following the movie’s finale regarding the fate of the doctor who had relationships with at least ten of his patients during the course of his profession. If so, how do you contact Dr. Cline? If not, what happened to him?


Where Is Dr Cline Now

Donald Cline currently resides in the Indianapolis area, where many of his biological children reside. For The Atlantic’s benefit, Matt White pointed to the street where he and Cline both lived, saying, “[He] lives down the way over there.” I relocated across the street from this home, where my mother now resides. Despite their best efforts to avoid them, Cline alleges that he and his mother frequently encountered members of his immediate relatives.

The documentary heavily relies on Jacoba Ballard, Cline’s biological daughter, who recently discussed her father with The Guardian. “He’s pretty active in the area,” others remark. He’s taking time off from work to attend his grandchildren’s swimming competitions. In other words, there is no way out. In actuality, he hasn’t completely disappeared. He probably doesn’t see much wrong with his behavior, at least not in his own eyes.

Ballard asserts that Cline has cut off all communication with his biological children, many of whom also have autoimmune diseases. I tried to get in touch with him last year. After suffering for two years, she finally admitted to The Guardian that “I literally begged him for medical knowledge.” The fact that there is a complete shortage of everything only serves to aggravate the situation. Not just myself, but the rest of my family has recently been unwell.

Who Is Dr. Cline

Donald attended Indiana University for his medical education. He too was an Air Force officer. He and his wife bought a new home as soon as he was released from the service in 1979 so they could start their fertility clinic and raise their two kids, Donna and Doug.

Due to his prominence and depth of knowledge, he was highly respected. Nobody believed he was inseminating patients at his clinic with his own sperm. Cline continued to act in a way that is now forbidden in Indiana up until his retirement in 2009. In 2016, DNA results showed that he had also fathered 94 more children.

Due to the fact that 94 of the children resided within a 25-mile radius of one another, this discovery attracted even more interest. When the issue came before Indiana’s Medical License Board two years later, the kids and their parents were successful in getting him suspended. The panel came to the decision that Dr. Cline would never be qualified to submit an application for license reinstatement.

His actions were lawful when the infraction was discovered. As of 2019, Indiana law prohibits a fertility specialist from using a patient’s sperm without the patient’s permission.

Is There Any Criminal Charge Against Dr. Cline?

Cline is accused of using his own sperm to inseminate women up until he closed his clinic in 1986. He informed them that all patients’ sperm would only be used three times and that the sperm donors were anonymous medical students. Children of Cline were informed by DNA evidence that their father had contributed his own sperm to their conception.

Is There Any Criminal Charge Against Dr. Cline?
Is There Any Criminal Charge Against Dr. Cline?

Cline allegedly admitted using his own sperm after being questioned by six of his half-siblings and accused the kids of destroying documents. Cline was never charged with rape despite the women and kids’ repeated cries for justice.

According to a lawyer quoted in the documentary, it would have been challenging to prosecute Cline for rape given his strong public profile as the top reproductive specialist in Indianapolis at the time and the absence of a particular Indiana statute designating what he did as a s*xual violation.

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