Where Is Fred Now: Has The YouTuber Disappeared From YouTube?

Where Is Fred Now: Those who have been using YouTube since its inception in 2005 will attest that it has changed significantly since then. Both the content and its creators have come and gone, becoming relics of the past.

A young man who used the alias Fred Figglehorn became one of the platform’s earliest influential content creators.

Fred, a 6-year-old boy with a shrill voice who was created by Lucas Cruikshank, then 13 years old, was an instant hit with readers. He amassed a massive following and even hosted a Nickelodeon series in 2012. Additionally, several movies specifically made for television were available.

Will Fred always exist as a fictional person? Then, how does one ask, is Lucas spending his day? What we do know is listed below.

Who Is Fred (Lucas Cruikshank)

YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank is an American internet celebrity who has contributed to the site’s meteoric rise to prominence. In videos he posted when he was 13, he portrayed Fred Figglehorn, a 6-year-old with behavioral problems. Fans wonder what became of Fred now that he is no longer active in the industry.

On August 29, 1993, Lucas “Fred” Cruikshank was born to parents Molly Jeanne and Dave Alan Cruikshank. He has ancestry from Scotland, Germany, and Ireland.

The kid and his household currently make their home in Columbus, Nebraska. Two of his brothers, Jacob and Ethan Cruikshank, and five sisters complete his family.

Where Is Fred NowSource: YBS Now

Cruikshank came out as gay to his family in a video posted online in 2013. Matthew Fawcus, who he met through a mutual YouTuber friend, is the man he’s seeing at the moment. It will have been nine years since the couple first began dating by 2022.

In 2005, Lucas created his first video for YouTube. As he uploaded, he was using the services of JKL production, a company started by Lucas and his twin cousins Jen and Katie Smet.

Fred was first introduced in a Halloween video while the team was still in the “testing characters” phase. And at that point in time, the made-up character’s star began to rise.

After Fred’s meteoric rise in popularity in 2008, Lucas introduced the standalone Fred channel in the same year.

The show alluded to issues like domestic strife and the difficulty of learning to control one’s temper. The silver play button helped him gain a lot of attention, and by 2009 he had the most subscribers of any YouTuber.

In 2010, Nickelodeon made a movie based on Fred’s popular YouTube series, acknowledging his efforts. It eventually grew into a franchise with numerous follow-up films.

Where Is Fred Now

It appears that Lucas has abandoned further development of the Fred character. It has been years since his last video was posted to his channel, which still has millions of subscribers despite being abandoned in 2012.

However, the channel’s fortunes improved after Fred’s arrival, and fresh programming was added. His image was revamped in 2014 with the release of content specifically geared toward children.

Jessica and Diego host the YouTube show “Questions My Parents Won’t Answer” for Fred.

Since the network’s relaunch, Fred has aired a variety of shows. The newest addition is another episode in the “Questions My Parents Won’t Answer” series, hosted by genuine children.

These teams would approach strangers on the street and pose questions that parents often struggle to answer for their children. Many individuals have wondered things like, “Where do infants originate from?” and “Why do some people choose to live in the park?”

The Fred channel also aired other series, such as “Kid Advice” and “The Substitute.” They all failed, though. It was in 2014 that the final video was uploaded on the Fred channel.

What Is Lucas Cruikshank Doing Now

Without Fred, Lucas now has over 3.2 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel. This one is more concerned with comments, and every once in a while, he even posts something personal.

He gives opinions and discusses celebrities and reality shows. And he can’t help but bring up his history with Fred from time to time.

Lucas discusses the book he wrote and titled Fred Figglehorn Hackin’ Awesome School Jokes in one of his videos. According to Lucas, the book’s creation was the result of him saying “yes” to every proposal that was offered to him at this phase of his career as Fred.

He posts reactions to Fred’s content (videos, movies, and the show itself) and often discusses behind-the-scenes events.

Lucas has mentioned in videos how he had to memorize pages of lines at a time for his Nickelodeon show because it was essentially him talking to the camera.

Furthermore, he said that he was turned down by the business when he requested a teleprompter. The director of the second Fred film allegedly told him to watch the first one because he “wasn’t being Fred enough” while they were filming.

The movies and TV series are also sold on Amazon, in addition to being streamed on the Fred channel. It’s also possible that merchandise will be available. After Lucas’s restricted sale of brand-new merchandise, it is still being resold online. Maybe he would do it again if there was enough interest.

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