Where Is Harold Henthorn Now: Why Did Henthorn Request A Second Trial?

Killer Harold Henthorn has brains and cunning. A jury convicted him guilty of murdering Toni Bertolet on the basis of evidence that he had previously murdered his first wife, Sandra “Lynn” Henthorn. But Where Is Harold Henthorn Now?

When Harold killed Toni in the same way he killed Sandra, the authorities at first thought it was an accident, but then they realized Harold was a heartless opportunist.

Henthorn had both of his wives murdered for insurance money. Toni’s life insurance claim was expected to be $4.7 million, and he had already received $500,000 from Lynn’s estate.

However, the prosecution was successful in their attempt to have the jury find Harold guilty, so he would not get to retain the money. The judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. keep reading to find out Where Is Harold Henthorn Now?

Where Is Harold Henthorn Now?

After spending two days this week arguing that his trial counsel did a bad job and “sold me down the river,” Harold Henthorn, who was convicted of murdering his second wife, Toni, in 2012, had his conviction overturned.

According to the court staff, the hearing ended Tuesday evening and federal Judge Brooke Jackson will give a written opinion at a later date.

Craig Truman, who represented Henthorn during his trial, said, “We never talk about our cases outside of court.”

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Nathan Chambers, Henthorn’s new lawyer, similarly chose not to speak to the press.

According to Henthorn, Truman “acted in his own self-interest, was dishonest, and committed fraud” by taking up Henthorn’s defense in this way.

In 2012, Henthorn was convicted of murdering his second wife, Toni, by a federal judge who found that he had pushed her from a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since day one, Henthorn has insisted that he is completely blameless.

Rob Henthorn told CBS4 that the hearing “demonstrates that Harold’s previous attorney, Craig Truman, neglected his most fundamental duty to Harold and everyone else affected by this tragedy.”

Truman “failed to act in the manner required to defend Harold, help guarantee the truth and justice won, and meet his commitments to all of us,” Rob Henthorn continued.

Truman’s defense reportedly cost Harold Henthorn more than $1 million.

Says Rob Henthorn “The events that took place on that ledge in Rocky Mountain National Park ten years ago will remain a mystery to everyone else. Harold claims he has never tried to kill his wife and that he never will. It is his right to a defense that affords everyone in this community the best possible chance of learning the truth.”

Todd Henthorn, Toni’s older brother, had previously said to CBS, “Harold Henthorn’s efforts to appeal the case’s outcome based on its merits have been unsuccessful. Once again, Harold Henthorn is trying to shift responsibility for his own failings and failures onto other people with this newest motion.”

In a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, Harold Henthorn is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, Toni Henthorn. Now that we know where is Harold Henthorn now, we will read about How did he get himself into a position where he had to request a second trial.

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Henthorn Requested A Second Trial, Claiming His Attorney Had Rigged The Case Against Him

Because Harold felt his attorney had failed him, he requested a fresh trial. He claimed to have paid attorney Craig Truman over $1 million, but Truman “acted in his own self-interest and put his personal financial benefit ahead of giving me a decent defense.”

Where Is Harold Henthorn NowSource: CBS News

Henthorn accused Truman of being a con artist who was after his money. According to Harold, Truman also forbade him to participate in the defensive strategy. In addition, Henthorn stated:

He was not on my side and lied to me for his own benefit. A defense attorney who lies or misrepresents evidence to help their client in a murder trial is not doing their job. As a result, I’d like a new trial where I can be represented by a lawyer I can trust.

Since Harold’s previous appeals were all denied, this application is his final resort.

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