Where Is Hunter Moore Now: Which Crime Did He Commit?

Where Is Hunter Moore Now? In his own words, Hunter Moore is “a professional life ruiner.” He operated a vengeance-focused porn website for an entire 16 months. He claimed to have the same legal protection as Facebook at the time.

Along with building a bad website similar to “Is Anyone Up,” he also hired a hacker to raid victims’ email inboxes for personal information and photographs. After the FBI started looking into Moore, the website was taken down in April 2012.

Hunter Moore was detained and charged with identity theft and aiding in the illicit use of a computer based on the facts in his bio. He was detained in November 2015, and in May of this year, he was finally released.

Where Is Hunter Moore Now

Moore was sentenced to five years in prison, and although the court that oversaw his punishment forbade him from using social media, he apparently made a comeback on Twitter in 2021 before the account he allegedly controlled was shut down.

According to Good To Know, during Moore’s brief return to the website he had used to interact with his admirers, the former presidential contender mostly shared pictures of his dog and workout gear.

He supposedly posted on Twitter in 2021, saying, “You know my name, not my tale. You have heard about what I have accomplished, not what I have endured.

He states, “Listen, fellas, I served my sentence in prison,” in another tweet from 2022. I’ve been able to put the past behind me and live a joyful life for the past ten years. Although I am aware that some of you love me, the vast majority of you hate me, so I wouldn’t even try to make amends. I have nothing to contribute and I owe no one anything.

He hasn’t been spotted on any other networks recently, and his account has been cancelled. Check out the next paragraph to learn why Hunter Moore did it.

Why Did Hunter Moore Act In That Way?

The revenge porn website AnyoneIsUp was founded in 2010 by Hunter Moore, branded “the most despised man on the Internet,” however it has since been taken down.

When he posted a naked picture of the girl he broke up with on his partying website, things changed. Within the first week the picture was online, 14,000 people watched it. After that, he started collecting photos from unrelated individuals and posting them online.

After getting pornographic images of their ex-lovers from their dumped partners, Moore put the images, along with their true names and Facebook accounts, on his website.

Hunter Moore, a revenge porn site curator and convicted sex offender, claims that Jeffree Star threatened him with a knife so that they may have oral sex. Story was first revealed in Moore’s autobiography and apparently corroborated by Millionaires band member Dani Artaud. What do you believe?

According to Rolling Stone, many women claimed that the photos were stolen from their personal computers and that they hadn’t given permission for them to be published. Continue reading if you’re unsure of the offence to which Hunter Moore entered a guilty plea.

Hunter Moore Entered A Guilty Plea

After Charlotte Laws, the mother of a woman whose photos were posted to AnyoneIsUp, spent two years gathering evidence from more than 40 victims, the FBI looked into Moore.

Hunter Moore Entered A Guilty Plea
Hunter Moore Entered A Guilty Plea

Moore was charged with conspiracy and unauthorised access to a secured computer for the manner in which he gathered the material for his revenge porn in a federal court indictment in California in 2014, not for his misogynistic activities per se.

He was freed two days later after posting a bond of $100,000. In 2015, he entered a guilty plea to aggravated identity theft and accessory after the fact. In addition to serving a two and a half year prison sentence and three years of supervised release, Moore was also fined US$2,000 and required to pay US$145.70 in restitution.

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