Where Is Julian Newman Now In 2023: Julian Newman Journey From Basketball Prodigy To Reality TV Star

Newman’s father took a coaching and teaching position at the small private Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida, in the fall of 2012, prompting Newman to make the switch from public school. He joined the middle school basketball team while he was in fifth grade. So, Where Is Julian Newman Now?

However, his quick performance led to a promotion to the varsity team, and he has since scored as many as 91 points in a game. The Florida High School Athletic Association did not have authority over the games his squad played in (FHSAA).

Newman, a point guard, was 11 years old, 4 feet 5 inches (1.35 meters) tall, and 70 pounds. Although he bought the smallest uniform size, he still had to roll the waistband of his shorts and secure the shoulders of his jersey with a hair tie to keep them in place.

On average, he scored 12.4, handed out 11.2, and stole 4.3 in his first three games. He helped steer Downey Christian to a 21-6 record and was the top assist man in all of Florida.

Who Is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman, born on September 6, 2001, in the United States, is a professional basketball player who attended Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida. He’s the point guard despite being only 5 feet, 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall.

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When Newman was in fifth grade, he started making headlines thanks to viral highlight videos he posted online. He was a member of the Downey Christian School varsity basketball team. Some media sites hailed him as a kid prodigy, while others panned the manner he was promoted.

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Where Is Julian Newman Now?

Newman’s next moves are murky at best right now. It’s been nearly a year, and he still hasn’t decided whether to sign with an international team or attend college.

Newman has been relatively quiet since he made his statement on Instagram Live last July. It was speculated early this year that he had gotten Division I offer letters. Nonetheless, nothing has been 100% confirmed, and Newman hasn’t shown any interest in trying out for a college team.

Newman is just 19 years old, though. Choosing a professional job path is still an option. It is still up in the air whether or not he will play professionally abroad.

On and off the court, Julian Newman is a fascinating character. He has tremendous potential as a basketball player, but he has to overcome numerous obstacles before he can reach his full potential. He has a rich history and a lengthy high school resume. However, he has a cloudy future; whether or not the 5’7 point guard will pursue a professional career is unknown.

Background and Experience of Julian Newman

Though Jaden’s training began under her father’s watchful eye, she has blossomed into a formidable professional. Point guard for the Downey Christian School basketball team, she played an integral role.

Newman averaged more than 15 points each game as a fifth grader and more than 30 points per game as a sixth and seventh student. She had a grade point average of 45 in eighth grade. In January 2018, the hopeful player scored 70 points in one game, tying the national record.

All eyes have been on Newman since when she first started showcasing her extraordinary skills. On the Queen Latifah show, she was a guest. Newman’s diminutive stature may have held her back at the beginning of her career, but today, all eyes are on her remarkable abilities.

Personal Life of Julian Newman

A mix of Jewish, African American, and Puerto Rican ancestry can be found in Julian Newman. Orlando’s Colonial High School’s point guard was Jamie Newman Sr. In 2012, he began his career as a history teacher and basketball coach at Downey Christian School.

Newman’s mother, Vivian Gonzalez, is of Puerto Rican descent. Gonzalez was a point guard for University High School in Orlando, Florida, before he enlisted in the Navy and spent four years there. He later worked for the United States Postal Service.

Newman’s little sister Jaden has been a standout player on the Downey Christian varsity basketball team since she was in the third grade. She has been featured on national television shows including The Queen Latifah Show. The University of Miami (Florida), a Division I NCAA school, reportedly came seeking for her talents when she was just nine years old.

In 2015, Newman’s documentary series “Born Ready” debuted on the YouTube channel Elite Mixtapes. Newman and his family star in the new season of the reality show “Hello Newmans,” which debuted on Overtime, a sports network, in 2019. Newman is active in the family business, Prodigy Sportswear, with his siblings. His games have been a success for the brand’s products.

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