Where is Max Loughan Now: Where Is The Guy Who Solved The Energy Crisis Situation In 2016?

Where is Max Loughan Now: In 2016, Max Loughan, who was 13 at the time, found a solution to the energy dilemma. For $14, he created a tool that could draw energy out of thin air. According to Loughan, the device converted electromagnetic energy into useful electrical power. He even managed to power a string of LED lights with the energy his handmade contraption generated.

When he was younger, he was compared to Nikola Tesla by some. Because he had created a device that could harness energy from the air, Max appeared to be deserving of such great praise. A local news reporter questioned him about how much more energy a more significant harvester would receive throughout the interview.

But interest in Max and his invention waned. Recently, Max’s health has become the subject of concern on the internet.


Where is Max Loughan Now

Max Loughan has been hailed as a prodigy who will free up the energy supply for the entire world. The young person gave a number of interviews and made public appearances during the course of the week. It was unfortunate that his proposal wasn’t very marketable, but his excitement and knowledge of scientific jargon won over his contemporaries and won their respect.

It is not possible to generate a sufficient amount of usable electricity from the “free” electromagnetic energy that is present in the air. ElectroBOOM decided to do a video experiment on YouTube and used Max’s idea as their primary source of motivation. He measured the general level of electromagnetic radiation in the environment by using a wire as his instrument. The air had less than one volt of energy at its peak, according to the measurements taken.

To paraphrase what is said in the video that was uploaded on January 24, 2018: “Not enough to power stuff.” The concept that Max “created” had been around for close to a century before he came up with it. It was a crystal radio that Loughan built utilizing the most advanced technology available at the time. It was a technique of communication that worked by turning radio waves into noise that could be heard.

Where is Max Loughan Now

People thought that Max’s parents shouldered the guilt for their son’s promotion of a pointless product. Both the scientists and the local television station that covered the story of Max’s development later admitted that they should have conducted an additional study before covering the story. When one reads Max’s biography on the We Are Family Foundation website, it is simple to understand why he is held in such high esteem by everyone.

When Max helps those in need obtain illumination, he hopes to improve the quality of their lives in a number of different ways. For example, he hopes to make their lives safer, make it easier for them to obtain an education, and make it less difficult for them to complete jobs that we take for granted.

In addition to the numerous speaking engagements he has had in the United States, Max has been invited to give presentations at events in a total of four other nations as well as to serve as a judge at the World Science Festival in Brisbane, which took place in Australia.

After the failure of his so-called “invention,” Loughan went back to his previous low-key lifestyle. It was in the month of April of the year 2020 that he published his final social media post. Putting things together is something that I enjoy doing. I aspire to bring about a change for the better in the world. I want to be someone who inspires other people.

Late in the year 2022, jjemmans began searching for Max on TikTok out of concern for him. Jjemmans found a picture of Loughan with his family and loved ones that were taken in March of 2021. Several users of TikTok made observations.

I am aware that there is nothing new to report from this year, but everyone appears to be hiding out and not making any attempts to come forward with their information. He is currently in the process of acquiring a patent for his invention while his family has just recently established a business in Nevada. It would appear that every member of their family is in good health and content. To put it more succinctly, they don’t engage in any online activity other than hiding.

What Happened To Max Loughan?

During a period of his life, Max Laughlin was widely regarded as having one of the most brilliant minds available to anyone of his age anywhere in the world. Even though he had only 13 years left to live, he was able to build a Free Energy Device that was capable of providing free energy to every single person on the entire planet. On the other hand, in 2018, Max Loughan disappeared without a trace.

In 2016, Max Loughan, who was just 13 years old at the time, came up with a solution to the world’s energy problem by inventing a device that costs only $14 and absorbs energy from the surrounding air. Initially, Loughan stated that the device was capable of converting electromagnetic energy into electrical energy.

After that, he activated a string of LED lights by utilizing the power from the improvised contraption he had constructed. Unfortunately, as the “invention” that Loughan was responsible for began to lose its luster, he faded into obscurity.

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