Where Is The Man From 3036 Now: What Dangerous Warning Did He Give To The People Of 21st Century?

A man from the year 3036 has gone viral on TikTok after sharing his narrative and some ominous predictions about the future. Let’s dig deep into Where Is The Man From 3036 Now?

Time travel is a prevalent plot device in fiction, particularly on the small screen. The X-Men, Back to the Future, and Doctor Who all come to mind. However, I assume that they are all works of fiction. No one can genuinely travel across time. But suppose we were to tell you that it is.

A documentary film called Confessions of a Time Traveler – The Guy from 3036 was released in 2020 based on the claims of a man who claimed to be a time traveler from the year 3036.

Now that individuals on TikTok have heard of his alarming accusations, they are responding in the following ways:

The Guy Claims To Be A Time Traveller From The Year 3036

This claimed actual account of a guy who claims to have traveled to the year 3036 is told in the 2020 film Confessions of a Time Traveler – The Man from 3036.

In the documentary, the “time traveler” has a frank conversation with the camera, detailing what the future holds, and creating a chilling vision of what humanity may face in another thousand years.

The mysterious man predicts that by the year 2100, the world’s population will have reached a new high of 2 billion people, and that domesticated animals will be seen as “exotic.”

He also foretold a catastrophic power outage in December 2052, which would last for at least five years.

Perhaps most unsettling is his assertion that we are now “as free as we can ever be,” which leaves viewers wondering what the future holds. Let’s dig deep into Where Is The Man From 3036 Now?

Where Is The Man From 3036 Now And What Warning Did He Give?

A visitor from the year 3036 has provided a foreboding prediction about the future.

A TikToker who goes by the name ‘IV’ Y’ ‘I’ has painted a bleak future for his followers by saying that right now are as free as they will ever be.

From the looks of the movies posted to his channel, the mystery time bandit predicts that by the year 3036, the human population would have reached an all-time high, making pets like cats and dogs somewhat of a rarity.

The ‘great darkness,’ he said, was another impending disaster.

He looks right back into the camera and declares, “You’re as free as you’re ever going to get, right now.”

“Suck it up, because as simple-minded as your time period is, you got it fairly good, you just don’t know it,” he said. “These are considered the last days of freedom, your kids won’t even see it.”

When asked how many people live in the globe, he responded, “Just over two billion people.”

He then moves on to “the huge blackout,” which is arguably his most dire forecast yet.

As he takes a long breath, he continues, “The major blackout, if I’m not mistaken, happens in December 2052.

To paraphrase, “for upwards of five years, everything goes dark; the internet, the power; it all gets disconnected because of what is called ‘the terrors,’ though many suspects otherwise.

Anyway, it’s been five years of chaos, rioting, and the like; these are indeed the darkest of times.

YouTube video

It can take up to twenty years to restore electricity, and even then, things are a complete mess.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and squirrels, yes, you read it right, are all exotic creatures at our zoo.

The lions and tigers and other great cats and elephants have all perished. We can no longer speak of the larger species.

The time traveler also says that in part because of the ‘great blackout,’ a lot more effort will be put into renewable energy in the future.

However, he stresses that these positions are not for the weak of the heart.

Wind turbines, reflective mirrors, and solar panels have been allocated “huge expanses,” he says, covering hundreds of miles if not thousands.

To paraphrase one author, “It’s one of the few surviving jobs left for inhabitants, but it’s also the most deadly.”

Confessions Of A Time Traveler

Some documentaries are made to explore timely ideas rather than historical occurrences. Directed by the Nostradamus Brothers and narrated by Jack Helms, “Confessions of a Time Traveler: The Man from 3036” has no evidence to support its claims but yet offers commentary on the final outcomes of the present period.

Where Is The Man From 3036 NowSource: Amazon

The fake documentary kicks off with a newsreel of a bald man from the future, 3036, who introduces himself as Sebastian. People have a tendency to trust whatever source is about to be revealed just because it is “from the media,” even while voiceovers from nameless and faceless news anchors cast doubt on the man’s story.

Almost immediately, though, the audience stops questioning whether or not Sebastian is actually from the future and starts thinking critically about the twentieth century instead.

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