Where To Watch Harry Potter On 8 Different Apps And Sites For Free And Paid?

Where To Watch Harry Potter: Users of Google are able to rent or buy movies from the Google Play Store. However, the price is a little higher than Amazon. Users can buy movies from this site to watch in 4k for $8.99. Additionally, you must pay $3.99 for 4K quality when renting them.

Where can I see every Harry Potter movie available on Google Play?

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your computer or smartphone.
  • Click “Menu” in the top left of the screen, followed by “Movies & TV.”
  • Learn which Harry Potter series you like.
  • To view the price and options to buy or rent, click on “The Item.”

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Amazon Prime Video?

Movies are not available in Amazon Prime’s services. However, they are reachable through the business’ video server. Each chapter of Harry Potter must be rented separately at $3.99. However, you must spend $7.99 to rent them in HD resolution.

Observe the actions listed here to watch Harry Potter on Amazon; If you paid, you could also download Amazon Prime Video, but keep in mind that all downloaded content expires after 48 hours.

  • Select the desired series by clicking on Amazon.
  • To rent an episode, select “Rent Movie,” and to buy any movie, select “Buy Movie.”
  • Create an account by clicking on “Create your Amazon Account” right now. Just log in to your Amazon account if you already have one.
  • Enjoy the Harry Potter series on Amazon, and that’s it.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On HBO Max?

The peacock is more expensive than HBO Max. The company’s ad-supported subscription costs $10 per month, while its ad-free option costs $15 per month.

Users will be able to download chosen movies with the ad-free package. You will also be able to stream all of the content in 4K quality. For Harry Potter streaming, follow these instructions;

  • Simply go to the HBO box and select the necessary bundle.
  • Select HBO Max, then download and install it on your Apple or Android device.
  • Additionally, you can utilize it directly from your browser.
  • After that, locate the necessary film’s name and stream it.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Youtube?

Another venue for distributing the Harry Potter books is YouTube, where resources may be rented or purchased. You’ll pay $8 to buy it and $4 to rent it. However, you must adhere to YouTube’s guidelines and finish your series within two days of viewers starting to watch it.

The YouTube movie portion, however, won’t be accessible to non-US citizens. Access the YouTube movies section here using a video downloader.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Peacock?

The least expensive way to experience the Harry Potter series is this. Users can sign up for a free trial with Peacock, but it cannot be used without becoming a premium or plus subscription. You can use it without restriction for seven days after logging in.

After your free week of access expires, you have the option of upgrading to its monthly package or deleting your login information.

For one monthly plan, there are two possibilities;

  • Program with advertising: $5 per month
  • Plan with no ads: $10 per month.

The options listed above are offered to people who are prepared to pay money in exchange for high-resolution and superior viewing experiences.

No concerns if you’re on a tight budget. You have a tonne of free options to choose from if you want to view Harry Potter films for no cost. Let’s examine the possibilities that are accessible to watch Harry Potter without spending any money.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Starz Play?

Cost: Free or Paid

All of the Harry Potter series are available online through Starz Play. You don’t need to input your payment information to access it for a week.

After the trial period of seven days, you can buy it for $8.99 per month. However, keep in mind that you can watch all eight of these series in a week. Since it is in no way comparable to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO in any form, there is no need to increase the contribution.

You can use a VPN to access Starz Play if you live in the US or the UK. Connect your VPN to an Indian server once it has been installed. You can therefore access any desired content.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Popcorn Time?

Cost: Free or Paid

This free software is great for watching all of the Harry Potter films with your friends on computers and mobile devices. To avoid any potential legal difficulties, attempt to totally conceal your IP address when using this free app.

You can use it for three months for free if you purchase it for 12 months at $6.67 per month. Get the most recent version of the software, then join a VPN server to cloak your internet protocol.

Where To Watch Harry Potter On Kodi?

Cost: Free

An excellent media player to watch Harry Potter online is this open-source, free program. Add the Exodus Redux movie addon after downloading and installing this software on a computer or mobile device. As a result, you can stream the most recent TV episodes and films.

Without any extras, it is an absolutely legal app. Kodi also has to employ a VPN in order to view desired material, just like Starz Play and Popcorn Time do.

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