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Which Couples From ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 5 Are Still Together?

Which Couples From 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 Are Still Together?

Which Couples From 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 Are Still Together?

Too Hot to Handle just wrapped up another season, and just like the seasons before it, there were plenty of steamy singles, plenty of rule breakers, and in a sweet twist, plenty of emotional progress as the cast discussed their commitment difficulties, parental trauma, and fear of vulnerability.

There were many connections made during the season, but by the season finale, there were only two committed couples left, plus one more couple who was eliminated early. Here is everything we know about the couples from Too Hot to Handle’s fifth season.

Elys and Alex

Elys caught Alex’s attention right away, but in the first few episodes, she was partnered with Hunter, leaving Alex to get to know Megan. Elys quickly came to the conclusion that she connected with Alex better and made the decision to switch the two men on a date.

The rest of the season saw Alex and Elys together, and while things were going well for them (with that $36,000 kiss), things took a strange turn after the guys attended a class where they addressed the problems that had kept them from entering relationships.

During their next date, Elys reassured Alex that they could cut back on traveling and solely thinking about themselves if their relationship became serious. By the end of the season, Alex appeared content that the two of them were dating and even exchanged “I love you”s.

She then asked him to be her boyfriend, and despite his hesitant “yes,” he agreed. We haven’t seen any updates on whether the couple is still together, but it appears that they are still following one other on Instagram.

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Isaac and Hannah

After Hannah dumped Louis for kissing Christine while they were dating, this couple started dating in the middle of the season. She then made an attempt to move on from Trey, but he showed little interest, so she turned her attention to Isaac.

Initially coupled with Courtney, Isaac dumped her coldly and callously for newcomer Yazmin. However, once Hannah expressed interest, Isaac viciously dumped Yazmin by getting into bed with her, dumping her, and then jumping into bed with Hannah.

Hannah and Isaac were rather forthcoming in admitting that their connection was purely physical and not emotional and that they intended to breach the law. Before that could happen, however, Lana stepped in and told the two of them to go home because they weren’t taking the retreat seriously. We may infer that Hannah and Isaac are not dating as they never discussed venturing outside of the villa.

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Christine and Louis

This couple accrued the most fines and experienced the most ups and downs during the course of the competition. Louis and Christine had planned to share a bed for the first night, but he ended up sharing a bed with Hannah. Christine and Louis nevertheless continued to kiss on the beach at night despite this.

After Hannah and Louis decided to call it quits, Christine and Louis made the decision to give it another shot. As time went on, their emotional and physical chemistry deepened, especially after challenges like the night they spent alone in the private suite without touching and the date Christine went on with Trey.

Unfortunately, Louis wasn’t as faithful to Christine, and when Linzy chose him to go on a date with her, they had a private moment. This hurt Christine deeply, but they agreed to try again once Louis took the initiative to be more honest about his feelings. As for their current situation, things appeared a little hazy after Louis bluntly informed Christina that he might not be the right match for her.

However, Louis later changed his mind and said he wanted to move forward with her before making sure to make it clear that they were not dating, which disappointed Christine. We’ll be watching Louis and Christine’s social media profiles to see if anything changes because they haven’t been seen together but have been seen hanging out with other cast members.

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