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Who Died in Fast X? Will There Soon Be More Deaths in Fast & Furious?

Who Died in Fast X

Who Died in Fast X

In Fast X, who dies? The first part of the big ending to the Fast and Furious series is here, so here are all the people who die… and whether or not they’re really dead.

The Fast and Furious movies have never been afraid of death. In the first movie, Johnny Tran ran over Jesse because he wouldn’t give him the keys to his car after a drag race. In the game Tokyo Drift, we met Han for the first time, but he died in a terrible crash.

In the 2009 movie Fast & Furious, a drug lord’s goon killed Letty. In Fast Five, Vince tries to make up for what he did at the beginning of the movie, but he dies in a trap. At the end of Fast and Furious 6, Gisele gives up her life to save Han as they speed down the endless runway.

In Furious 7, we had to watch Han die again after Deckard Shaw was revealed to be the killer, and in the eighth movie, Cipher killed Elena.

Even though a few deaths have been undone, the point is still the same: nobody is safe in this story, and Fast X comes with a few deaths – here are the people who die.

Who Died in Fast X?

Jakob Toretto (John Cena) and Diogo (Luis Da Silva Jr.) are almost certainly dead.

Dom (Vin Diesel), Dante (Jason Momoa), and Isabel (Daniela Melchior) kill Diogo in a street race. As they drive down the road, Dante tells Diogo and Isabel that he has put two bombs on their car, and he has to decide who to save.

The tweet below shows the death scene of Jakob Toretto:

Diogo drives much faster than everyone else, so Dom sends Isabel’s car into a spin and gets to knock the bomb off her chassis. Diogo’s bad luck is that Dante sets off his bomb, which explodes and kills him.

Most fans will be shocked by Jakob’s death since he just joined the series in F9. He takes care of “little B” and tries to get him to his father for most of the movie. When they get to Portugal, they drive and shoot their way out of trouble, but Dante manages to grab Brian off the back of Jakob’s car while he is unjamming the guns.

Dom pulls him out of the wreckage of a helicopter in a crazy move and speeds away, but he soon realizes that he is driving right into a new fleet of enemy vehicles and has no way to get around them.

Jakob tells him it’s time to “step out of his shadow” and uses his guns to shoot himself and the car into the squadron, causing a huge explosion and giving his life to his brother and nephew.

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Will There Soon Be More Deaths in Fast & Furious?

There is also a chance that Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsey could also be added to the list of people who died in Fast X. When Roman’s mission in Rome goes wrong, the four main characters are separated from the rest of the group pretty quickly.

They try to stay out of Dante’s sight as they move around the world, which leads them to Deckard Shaw in London. They finally find the Agency and hitch a ride to Brazil, but it was all part of Dante’s plan the whole time.

Just as they get to Dom, Aimes fires a missile at their plane, causing it to start dropping out of the sky and crash into a mountain.

The movie doesn’t show any signs that Tej, Roman, Han, or Ramsey get out of the plane before it crashes, which would mean that all four characters die in Fast X. Since they didn’t show their fates directly, it’s possible that Fast & Furious 11 will have to answer this question.

They were last seen running through the plane toward their cars, so it’s possible that this gives them some extra safety. Even if that is true, the fact that they haven’t been seen leaving the plane means that Dom at least thinks his four friends die in Fast X.

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