Who Is Joanne Tucker, Adam Driver’s Wife?

Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver met in college and eventually married. The two became engaged in 2013 after meeting at Julliard School in New York City. Since then, they’ve started a family with a boy they’ve kept out of the public and created a nonprofit called Arts in the Armed Forces in 2006 to provide opportunities for creative expression to members of the United States military.

They even appeared in the same 2019 film, The Report.

Despite Driver’s A-list reputation and Tucker’s own acting career, the couple keeps their personal lives and relationships out of the spotlight.

“Being a spy requires me to be out in the world, gaining knowledge and experience. Yet it’s challenging to put others before oneself when one feels like the center of attention. “As of 2019 (when he made this statement), he had revealed to The New Yorker.

Keep reading to find out more about Adam Driver’s wife, Joanne Tucker.

Joanne Tucker Acts In Movies

Driver’s sister also happens to be an actress. Joanne Tucker has appeared in a handful of TV episodes and movies over the years, mostly in supporting roles.

Joanne TuckerSource: People

She has roles in the upcoming 2020 film Give or Take, the Showtime series American Rust, and the forthcoming 2019 feature The Report, in which she co-starred in with her husband. She even made a cameo on the episode of Girls on HBO that launched Driver’s career.

She once told The Royal Gazette, “I love putting myself in other people’s shoes and envisioning their existence from other viewpoints.”

Joanne Tucker Is A Former Dancer

Tucker used to be a ballerina and perform on stage. While on the road promoting The Nutcracker, she became unwell and had to be hospitalized, effectively ending her career as a dancer.

She revealed her epiphany to the public by saying, “I had a come to Jesus moment,” in an interview with The Royal Gazette. “After that, I decided that life is too short for me to not try my hand at acting,” she said.

Joanne Tucker Was Born In Bermuda

Tucker was born in Bermuda and is the granddaughter of Sir Henry Tucker, the first political leader of the territory; however, she spent much of her childhood in Brooklyn, New York.

In an interview with The Royal Gazette, she discussed her family history “In my youth; I used to spend a lot of time at the beach. An integral aspect of my upbringing, it left a lasting impression on my senses.”

She and Driver got married in Bermuda back in 2013. She remarked, “It’s just one of those locations that keep calling you back.” “There, I said, “I do.” I really enjoy the atmosphere and the locals.”

Joanne Tucker And Adam Met At Juilliard

Tucker was one of the select graduates of Juilliard’s theatre program in 2009. This is where she first met Driver. The former soldier told The New Yorker, “She read a lot of books, knew a lot of s—-.” “She kept her cool.”

Their wedding officiant at their 2013 Juilliard ceremony, Richard Feldman, said of the bride, “She doesn’t take any crap.” in The New Yorker.

They had a son together, and she’s now married to Driver.

They had a child together, but for years they kept him out of the public eye because of how secretive they were. Driver, after dropping a few hints, eventually acknowledged his parent status in his opening monologue during his 2020 hosting of Saturday Night Live, saying, “In this context, I speak as a husband. Plus, a parent. That’s the order in which they occur.

I’ve made it apparent to my son that he comes in second place in all of our family’s endeavors.”

Joanne Tucker And Driver Co-founded A Charity Together

Driver and Tucker established Arts in the Armed Forces to provide service members with access to free cultural events.

Tucker told Variety in 2021 that the competition’s concept was “created together based on our audition procedure for Juilliard,” in which candidates were required to memorize four monologues before being asked to perform two to four of them.

In addition to introducing the military to a new form of expression, this also helped civilian artists see that the military was more than just the stuff of ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘MASH.’

Joanne Tucker Is An Avid Runner

Tucker shared that she has been a runner for her entire adult life while training for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon.

She remarked in a quote posted on the AITAF Instagram page, “It’s my favorite method to explore and gather my bearings in a new location, and I’m passionate about it since it demands that your full physical self engage.”

It doesn’t cost a dime, you can do it pretty much anywhere, and it’ll provide you some quiet time to yourself to think things over.

To “bring attention to Arts in the Armed Forces’ goal and to commemorate having co-run an arts non-profit for the past 11 years,” she ran the marathon for the AITAF team that year.

Despite this being her first marathon, she reflected on the experience by saying, “In a way, creating and expanding AITAF has been its own type of marathon, comparable to what I imagine it could be like to serve in the military.”

Joanne Tucker Regularly Appears Alongside Driver At Red Carpet Events

As Driver’s date, Tucker has attended both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

YouTube video

Driver plays Maurizio Gucci in the 2021 film The House of Gucci, and the couple was recently pictured on the red carpet at the New York premiere.

Joanne Tucker Helped Driver Adjust To Life After The Marine Corps

Driver served for just over two years until being medically discharged after sustaining a motorbike accident. He then enrolled at Julliard. His first semester at university was a struggle as he tried to settle into his new surroundings.

During his first semester of college, he reportedly made three people cry, as he told Broadway.com in 2009. “I had developed a habit of being very forceful in my interactions with others. That’s what I mean by “discussing it,” but apparently others didn’t see it that way!”

Happily, he started dating Tucker, who he says made him feel more at home in New York.

“I learned from her about Gouda cheese because of her. That it’s rude to spit on the ground or carry on lengthy conversations while munching, “Irreverently, he cast his words.

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