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Who Is Alessandra Gucci? Meet the Inheritor of the Gucci Fashion House and Maurizio’s Daughter

Alessandra Gucci

Alessandra Gucci

Alessandra Gucci was born on January 1, 1958, in Florence, Italy. She is the daughter of Maurizio Gucci, who was the former head of the Gucci brand, and his first wife, Patrizia Reggiani. Alessandra’s grandfather, Aldo Gucci, was instrumental in expanding the Gucci brand globally during the 1950s and 1960s.

Who Is Alessandra Gucci?

Alessandra Gucci was born in 1977, and now she has a successful business and designs clothes. She is the face of the brand “GUCCI” right now. Alessandra was born in Milan, Italy, and lives in Switzerland at the moment.

Alessandra lives a very quiet life, and not much is known about her personal life or her husband and children. Allegra Gucci is Alessandra’s younger sister. She is also a lawyer and lives in Switzerland.

Where Is Alessandra Gucci Now?

Alessandra Gucci is now an adult who is married. Reports say that Maurizio Gucci’s daughter lives in Switzerland with her husband and children, but no one knows about their lives. In 2016, the Gucci sisters got the family home and boat, a $400 million estate, as a gift.

Alessandra’s first collection, which was a limited number, came out in 2008. It was called “The First.” She only made 99 purses, with 11 of each style. Even though she didn’t do it under the name of her family, she did it under her own expensive label, AG. She did, however, honor her father Maurizio, and Grandpa Rodolfo by naming the designs after them.

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Alessandra’s Relations With Her Mother

Both girls don’t talk to their mother anymore. Alessandra was sure that Reggiani had been wrongly accused of killing her husband when she was first jailed. She even said that Regaiani’s brain tumor made her lose her mind when she hired the hitman.

After that, though, the mother and daughter went their different ways. Reggiani was sent to jail, and when she got out, her children didn’t try to find her. They stopped giving her money and cut off all family ties.

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