Who Is Andrew Upton? How Did Cate Blanchett Marry A Man She Never Liked?

Cate Blanchett and her husband, the playwright Andrew Upton, have been married for almost three decades.

Cate Blanchett, an Oscar winner, and Andrew Upton, a model, have a love story for the ages.

The Tár actress and the author may not have gotten along at first, but it didn’t take them long to change their thoughts.

The couple became engaged just three weeks after their first meeting, and they eventually wed in 1997. They’ve been together for three decades and are the happy parents of four kids: Dashiell, Roman, Ignatius, and Edith.

They are a dynamic duo in the entertainment industry because of their inventive personalities and skills. They each follow their own interests while simultaneously supporting and encouraging one another.

Blanchett said of her spouse in a 1999 interview with Vanity Fair, “He’s one of the few grounded people I know whose head is in the stars.” “His reach extends to both the heavens and the earth. It’s unusual to encounter someone like that.”

Who exactly is this, Andrew Upton? Read on to find out more about Cate Blanchett’s spouse, the award-winning playwright and director Cate Blanchett.

Andrew Upton Is An Australian Man

Upton is a native Australian, just like his wife. Having been born and educated in Sydney, he went on to graduate from the University of Sydney.

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Andrew Upton Is A Screenwriter, Playwright, Director, And Producer

Upton has several roles in the performing arts and entertainment industries. As a multi-talented artist, he has written plays, penned screenplays, directed short films, and even appeared on television.

Andrew UptonSource: People

This multi-talented individual has directed the Waiting for Godot adaption at Sydney Theatre Company in addition to adapting well-known plays for London’s National Theatre. He’s done everything from composing music to penning an opera’s text.

Upton’s resume includes collaborations with the likes of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and actress Rose Byrne.

Andrew Upton Has Four Children With Blanchett

The happy family includes daughter Edith and sons Dashiell, Roman, and Ignatius. Blanchett has said her kids are “disinterested” in their mom’s stardom, so the couple does their best to keep them out of the spotlight.

The actress stated, “They have no idea,” and added, “in the finest possible, healthiest way.”

Initially Andrew Upton And Blanchett Had A Tense Relationship

Blanchett and Upton, like many famous Hollywood couples, met in the workplace. Blanchett claims that she met the guy she would later marry in 1997 while performing in a Chekov play but that the two did not immediately develop feelings for one another.

She told Vanity Fair in 1999 that he saw her as distant, and she saw him as haughty. “It goes to show how incorrect you can be. After he kissed me, though, it was over.”

Blanchett continued, adding her portrayal was influenced by her recent pleasure with Upton, “The prospect of having to destroy my life in the last scene kept me from coming to the theatre on nights when I felt very content.

OK, if I can’t cry, I’ll just have to apologize to everyone afterward, I told myself. The play was excellent, and I realized that happiness and sadness have the same source, so I let myself be taken away.”

Andrew Upton And Blanchett Got Engaged Quickly

Once the two were together, they didn’t waste any time. After the couple had been dating for three weeks, Blanchett revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in 2015 that Upton had proposed just after Blanchett had cooked what Upton described as an “awful lunch.”

YouTube video

The actress said it took just three days for her to realize Upton was the one. “We were in bed, as you are after three days, and he said, “Cate,” and I thought, “S—- he’s going to ask me to marry him, and I’m going to have to say yes,” she recounted, chuckling. After that, he remarked, “No, I’m hungry. Do you want to go grab something to eat?”

She said, “After about 21 days, he asked me, and I said yes.”

Together, Andrew Upton And Blanchett Run A Successful Business

The filmmaker and the actress have collaborated on several projects without any problems. Blanchett and Upton have their own production company called Dirty Films where they both work behind the scenes on projects including The New Boy and the Apple TV+ series Disclaimer. Blanchett’s Oscar nomination for Best Actress came for her role in Carol, which Upton also executive produced in 2015. This dynamic duo also oversaw the artistic direction of the Sydney Theatre Company.

According to PEOPLE, Upton likes collaborating with his high-profile wife. “Really, it’s fantastic. We’ve always had a cooperative relationship. Somewhat sporadic, “No, no, no, we have to do this” is followed by “Oh, all right, I’ll fight for that next year, then” “In 2008, he made the following statement.

“That cooperative attitude is a really vital component of theatre; a compromise that adds, rather than detracts, is the essence of theatre.”

Blanchett, like Pitt, is inspired to create by their union. They have “a terrific artistic cooperation and also a great love affair,” she told E! Online in 2015. “Co-founding and managing a successful Australian creative agency. What a great experience.”

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