Who Is Ashanti Dating: Is She Dating Rapper Nelly Or Rapper Joyner Lucas?

Who Is Ashanti Dating: In her career as a singer and songwriter, Ashanti has proven that she can support herself. You can tell she doesn’t need a man since there are so few of them on her Instagram feed.

While the 40-year-old musician is notoriously private about her personal life, fans have gotten a few glances into her romantic life thanks to occasional interviews and public appearances.

Fans, however, continue to speculate about Ashanti’s current significant other.

Who Is Ashanti

It’s estimated that Ashanti, an American singer, and actress, is worth $5 million. Ashanti is one of the most well-known female musicians due to her illustrious career. Her acting resume is extremely extensive and noteworthy.

Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas is her full name. She entered the world on the 23rd of October, 1980, in Glen Cove, New York. Her mother used to be a dancer, and her father used to be a singer, so music runs in the family.

Who Is Ashanti DatingSource: Walk Of Fame

Her given name honors the Ashanti people who established and governed Ghana between the years 1670 and 1957. Ashanti, like many other young girls, enjoyed humming along to her favorite pop tunes. Ashanti’s mother first recognized her daughter’s ability at the age of 12 when she heard her singing along to a Mary J. Blige song.

Even yet, Ashanti’s initial attempts into the entertainment industry were as an actor. When she was younger, she was a regular contributor to film sets and music videos as an extra.

She had tremendous vocal talent, but she had trouble getting her career off the ground. Despite the interest from other studios, she was unable to “close a deal.” She began making connections at Murder, Inc. Records in an effort to get her music heard.

Who Is Ashanti Dating

Who Is Ashanti Dating: Ashanti’s dating rapper Joyner Lucas since 2020. Fall Slowly (Evolution) by Lucas, which features the R&B singer, sparked suspicions that they were an item.

Fans wondered if the incredible connection they had on-screen translated to their real-life romance after seeing them passionately kiss and embrace in the video.

Neither one of them has come out and admitted they’re dating, but neither has denied it, either.

A new Instagram post has placed doubt on the idea that their relationship is as strong as ever.

For Nine Years, Ashanti Dated The Rapper Nelly

Ashanti and famed rapper Nelly were together for nearly a decade before they announced their breakup in 2015. They had few photos of themselves together, preferring to keep their relationship covert. After the breakup, she finally spoke up about their romance.

“I believe that people’s fears might occasionally lead them to behave inconsistently. Unfortunately, I’ve been betrayed “us reports that she made the following statement regarding their relationship.

“Just keep developing, once again. You need to mature and take ownership of your actions “She went on but did not elaborate. “I don’t like it when people are timid. I think it’s crucial to find out what you want out of life and go after it. I’ve moved on to greener pastures.”

They never explained their breakup, but it’s not surprising that Ashanti would like to keep it as private as their romance had been.

It Was Also Said That She Was Seeing Comedian Michael Blackson

There were whispers she was seeing comedian Michael Blackson over five years after she and Nelly had split up. Some members of the public may have mistakenly assumed the two were dating after seeing them in public together multiple times. To her followers, this was confirmed when she gave him a little shout-out on Instagram, referring to him as her “homie.”

Their rumored romance was never proven, and given that it lasted only a few short months, it’s plausible that it petered out.

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