Who Is Ben Azelart Dating? Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah?

Do you want to know Who Is Ben Azelart Dating? Some of the most popular people on social media have come up with a cunning strategy to keep their admirers interested: they indicate that they are in relationships without actually admitting that they are.

Because followers are interested in finding out who their favorite social media star is dating, they will repeatedly visit the content in an effort to locate a confirmation, only to discover that it consists of an infinite trail of breadcrumbs.

The content providers stand to gain as a result of the consistent engagement their postings receive. Ben Azelart was an expert at that particular sort of click-baiting, but it appears that he has given up on the strategy since he began dating the model Hannah Thomas.

Who Is Ben Azelart Dating?

Around the middle of the year 2021, Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas began dating. It became clear that the two were developing romantic feelings for one another when they started commenting on each other’s social media postings more often.

Azelart provided photographic evidence of his romantic involvement with Hannah by publishing images of the couple taken on Valentine’s Day. Ben captioned the image from the 15th of February, 2022 with the phrase “Valentine’s Day polaroids.”

According to the posts that Ben and Hannah share on social media, they have a good time when they are together. She participated in a kissing competition that was held on Ben Azelart’s page around the middle of July 2022.

Hannah and Azelart made it all the way to the final round of the competition, but they were unable to win the $10,000 prize that was awarded to Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi.

Azelart Previously Dated Lexi Rivera And Brighton Sharbino

When Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera decided to stop their relationship in November of 2020, that’s when we found out about their relationship. According to reports, the couple had dated on and off for a number of years. Fans had entertained notions that the two were romantically involved, but there was never any confirmation.

Who Is Ben Azelart DatingSource: Lee Daily

In the heartfelt video of the couple’s breakup, they expressed their gratitude to one another and stated their intention to continue being friends. They stated that one of the reasons for their breakup was the strains that came with dating in public. The two of them said:

“Having a relationship with someone through the internet is an entirely new ballgame. Being as young as we were when all of this began led to a lot of confusion for us, and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t easy for us either.

We moved from being teenagers to being adults in the span of a few short years, which was one of the most formative periods of our lives. As time went on, it became somewhat more difficult to understand and somewhat more convoluted.

YouTube video

Ben has expressed that he is open to the possibility of rekindling his relationship with Lexi in the future; nevertheless, he is now seeing Hannah Thomas. As can be seen from their posts on various social media platforms, Azelart and Lexi are still very good friends.

Ben’s previous significant other was the actress Brighton Sharbino. The only time Sharbino brought up the fact that the pair had been seeing one other was after they had broken up.

Brighton described Ben as the ideal boyfriend in a video that was shared online by her sister, Saxon Sharbino, towards the end of June 2020. Brighton also claimed that she and Ben parted ways in a cordial manner.

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