Who Is Bernice Burgos? Who Has Bernice Burgos Dated In The Past?

Bernice Burgos’s life is the quintessential “rags to riches” success story. The stunning model came from nothing to become an icon in the modeling and fashion industry. Keep reading to learn about Who Is Bernice Burgos.

Who Is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice Burgos is an American model, entrepreneur, and music video actress. The 42-year-old has her own brand of apparel that works for women of varying body types. Bernice Burgos, a waitress and bartender from New York City, got her start in the Bronx.

She did her best to raise her daughter Ashley while also trying to get into the modeling profession.

As she entered her mid-20s, Burgos began a modeling career that would see her on the covers of publications including XXL and Show.

Burgos was featured on MTV’s Wild n’ Out and in a Rick Ross music video for Diced Pineapples in 2012.

After having a child at age 15, she told the members of The Breakfast Club, “Having a child at that age, I had to like hurry into being a mother…” Here I am, 15 years old and pregnant. And if you believe I seem young now, at age 15, I had the visage of a child of 7.

Those around them said, “Oh my God!” It’s like a baby having a baby.’… I can’t explain how I felt, but it wasn’t good. As the saying goes, “I may only be 15, but I have to act my age.”

Bernice’s life shifted dramatically after she became pregnant. Her grandma had her moved in with her boyfriend’s mother after she was kicked out. Bernice didn’t pay rent and had to do housework in exchange for staying there. Bernice’s burden became too much, and she had to leave school as a result.

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Bernice Burgos Clothing Line

Brave and Beautiful, Burgos’ apparel collection that she launched in 2017, features all sorts of items for ladies, from pajamas to workout gear.

After launching her line, Burgos told Harlem World Magazine, “Bold & Beautiful was created to offer women a versatile alternative for nightwear or lounging around while at home.”

To fill what I saw as a void in the market, I designed a collection of sleepwear that is practical while still making a woman feel sexual.

“I’m really excited to have my daughter included in the process of creating and developing this line,” she said, referring to the fact that her daughter Ashley helped design the clothes: “It allows me to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit within her while getting insight to make this collection relevant to women of various ages.”

The line of Bold and Beautiful apparel now includes children’s wear, outerwear, and accessories.

Who Has Bernice Burgos Dated In The Past?

Who Has Bernice Burgos Dated In The Past

According to 2017 rumors, Burgos and Drake were dating after they were spotted kissing and cuddling in Australia.

In a live interview on The Breakfast Club in July 2017, Burgos verified the rumors that had been circulating for some time.

Drake, I have something to tell you about Drake. In her opinion, he is the nicest man alive.

Her claim that she was seeing someone else at the time cast doubt on the seriousness of their relationship.

The tweet below confirms that Drake dated Bernice Bergos:

He’s always been good to me, and I’ve always been good to him,” Burgos said of their casual friendship. If he decides to get married soon, I will immediately make plans to attend. My guess is that he’ll extend an invitation to me. I don’t see why not. Okay, man.

When dating T.I. in 2017, Burgos reportedly considered retiring from the entertainment industry in May of that year, according to HollywoodLife’s sources.

Based on what we’ve heard from our insider, “Bernice and TIP weren’t serious as they were now when she did [DJ] Khalid’s video, and TIP’s made it obvious to her that now that they are, he doesn’t want her to participate in other rappers’ videos.”

They continued, “particularly after Drake flirted with her on set when they made the video,” Burgos did understand why T.I. felt that way.

Knowing that T.I. was still married to Tiny, she decided to discontinue their relationship.

Bernadette does not go out with married men; a source informed HollywoodLife in 2018.

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